How to show your Twitter Tweets On Facebook Profile

Managing multiple Social networking profile is a task and especially when you have to publish same status update to multiple Network, opening them separately and publishing update sounds like a task. There are many apps like Bufferapp or Hootsuite which makes our life easier, but not everyone is fond of using 3rd party apps. Facebook and Twitter are two popular Networking sites, and it’s always a good idea to keep updating them on regular basis to keep your profile engaging.

Another important thing which you can do is to spice up your Facebook profile, is by integrating your Facebook and Twitter profile. Though before you actually do it, keep few things in mind

  • Avoid this if you Tweet heavily
  • Integrate only if you add values while Tweeting
  • Use it only if You use Facebook for Marketing and branding

How to Show your Twitter messages into Facebook?

The step is fairly simple, login to your Facebook profile and add this application Facebook Twitter application. It will ask you to go to your Twitter profile and authorize your Twitter profile to access Facebook one. Or you can directly go to your Twitter profile settings, look for Facebook column and give access to Fb profile.

Tweet on facebook via twitter

You can select option to show your Tweets on Facebook profile or you can additionally show all your tweets on any of Facebook fan page you admin. This is indeed a good option but again, as I mentioned above if you are into excessive Tweeting, you might like to avoid doing this, as it will spam your profile with too many tweets as status update. Instead you can try Selective Tweets, which will help you to add a special hashtag #fb and publish only certain Tweets.

selective Tweets

That’s it and get started with Publishing your Tweets on your profile. How many of you have set up this to auto publish Tweets as status update on Facebook wall? Do you think it’s a good practice? What should be the idle number of Tweets in such cases?

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COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. Ajay says

    Well i have done the reverse, i.e all my Facebook status are shown as Tweets. Thanks for this article, will give it a try.

  2. drbruffin says

    Hey, what about @ replies? I use facebook more than twitter. What if i want to see @ replies from twitter into my facebook wall.. !! I tried integrating facebook and twitter, but @ doesn’t update..:(

  3. Manoj Varghese Mathew says

    hey i’m using this app on facebook.. its superb… right now i have 5 fb pages all are linked to twitter.. so when ever a update is bn done on fb page like status updates …. it automatically tweets… so helping us non wasting time in both the social networks….