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How to show Thumbnail on Homepage in Thesis WordPress Theme

How to show Thumbnail on Homepage in Thesis WordPress Theme

We have already spoken a lot about Thesis wordpress theme. If you have  missed the earlier posts, you can read more at Thesis category and read my review post on Thesis 1.7 WordPress theme.

Adding thumbnail on your homepage always increases the CTR as it makes the post attractive. This is in the case of all the WordPress theme. So if you are using any wordpress theme, you should try to enable thumbnail on homepage. You can also use Thumbnail for excerpt plugin to show thumbnail automatically in case if you don’t want to use custom field.

It comes handy in the Thesis Theme, that is to add a Thumbnail on Homepage. Thesis features to enable thumbnail image in teaser box, while creating or editing any post in the WordPress Dashboard.

image thumb

The basic and simple procedure is to add image directly in Thumbnail Image Section, while creating or editing the post. By adding image means, we have to provide absolute URL of the thumbnail image, which is smaller in size of about 100px-150px, in Thumbnail Section and publish or update the post to see the effect.

Below is Step-by Procedure to show Thumbnail on Homepage in Thesis Theme.

  1. Login to WordPress Dashboard Admin.
  2. Create New Post or Edit any old post if existing, as desired.
  3. Click the media upload/insert button as specified in the screenshot below.

image thumb1

4. In order upload an image from local computer Click the select files button and choose the appropriate file.

image thumb2

5. Once the file is uploaded, go to Media Library Tab Next to From URL Tab. Find the latest file uploaded, and click on Show Link to view the Details. Now you can see a Thumbnail (150px X 150px resized) Picture, right click on it and choose copy image location for Firefox Users.

image thumb3

6. Now once we have the URL copied to Clipboard, next Step is to Paste that URL to Thumbnail Section.

7. In edit post page Scroll-Down a bit, till you see Post Image and Thumbnail Section.

image thumb4

8. In the Post Image and Thumbnail Section, Paste the Copied URL in Thumbnail Image URL textbox. Make sure the URL you pasted is proper, that is absolute URL. Absolute URL means, including protocol(http://).

image thumb5

In this case I have added Thumbnail URL as:×125.png

9. Now click Publish or Update button to see the effect on homepage.

image thumb6

Watch this video tutorial for adding Thumbnail on Thesis Theme Homepage:

This ends our basic procedure to show Thumbnail on Homepage. For any queries or any other assistance, post comments as your feedbacks.

Do let us know do you use Thumbnail on your WordPress Theme?

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  • Manendra

    Thank Q very much for this tutorial as i searched many sites for this view and even installed a plugin and now its time to remove that :) thank Q for showing a grate tutorial mate. :)

  • Red Beard

    I installed the Thumbnails from Excerpts plug in. Do you know of any way to adjust the padding? The images butt up right against the text and it looks bad. Any help would be much appreciated. :)

  • Kristina M.

    Great share, great article, very usefull for me. Your thought of article is very much creative and interesting to read.

  • aaslin

    i have manually added some thumbnails,now if i use thumbnails for excerpts i get two thumbnails in the homepage,how to solve it?

    • Ron

      You need to remove thumbnails from posts where you have added manually.

  • Raj

    Dude, I cant tell you how grateful I am to you. I have been searching for this info since last night and just now through your post, I got to know it and finally, I have been able to post thumbnails on my thesis theme on my blog.

    Thanks man!! You rock!!

  • Samir

    Cool pic! Detailed and very explicit tutorial. Most wordpress-to-Blogger converted templates I’ve come across usually have this (post thumbnail ) feature too. Thanks a lot!

  • Rodelio Lagahit

    i followed the whole process but to no avail. now what did i miss? :(

  • Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats

    Getting Thumbnails is quite easy when you use Thesis. . Thanks to Thesis for having all inbox..

  • George Serradinho

    Many others users have asked me how I got my thumbnails to show on my homepage with Thesis theme. I did it with no real effect that some laugh after I tell them what to do.

  • Srivathsan G.K

    Wow, I remember asking harsh about this .. thanks for the tutorial ..

  • Dev | Technshare

    Great tutorial bro. very helpful for thesis users :)


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