How to Show Complete Blog Post in Aweber Blog Broadcast Feature

Offering subscribe via RSS feed is an important feature for any blog and no matter what you should not miss it. I’m using Aweber for some time now and it’s working great for me. Every day my Aweber Email list is growing and I keep sending useful information on Make money online, marketing tips to my Email subscribers which I don’t publish it on ShoutMeLoud. If you want to receive such updates, don’t forget to subscribe to my Email newsletter.
I have already shared a step by step guide on how to send RSS feed update to your Aweber subscriber and here I’m extending that tutorial. When we configure Aweber to send updates from blog using RSS method, it usually shows the excerpts instead of complete Feed. I prefer sending complete blog posts via feeds as this helps the reader a lot.

Here is a small work around which will help you (Aweber user) to send complete post instead of just a part of your post. Login to Aweber and click on Blog broadcast and click on feed title to edit it.

Feed-title-aweberNow you will see your content like this:

Notice the line which says: “{!rss_item_description}” Replace that with {!rss_item_content}

This will start showing complete post and images in email newsletter. Here is a screenshot of updated one:

That’s it and now click on save and test your blog broadcast feature. If you have configured every thing as stated above, you will be sending complete post in your Aweber blog broadcast feature.

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Do let us know if you prefer sending complete post or post excerpt in your feed updates? Also are you subscribe to ShoutMeLoud newsletter yet or still thinking? :)

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Matt S Rinc says

    Hey, don’t want to be spammy but if you have “more” WordPress comment tag in your content then only content before more tag will show in broadcast. Keep that in mind e.g. you should not use more tag if you wish to send all post content via aWeber broadcast.

  2. Matt S Rinc says


    great post but – in text you have rss_item_description while in screenshot you have replaced rss_channel_description and rss_item_description? What’s your final image of aWeber broadcast blog template then?

    But anyway, on the Internet one always have to test, test and test – and then send. Keep up good work!

  3. Roy Scribner says

    This is very helpful, Harsh! I use the standard Feedburner RSS on my main blog, but when I started this new one I went with the Aweber Broadcast. I am going to change it to full feeds, so it matches my other blog – thanks.