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How to Share on Stumbleupon With all Friends

How to Share on Stumbleupon With all Friends

Stumble upon is one of the best social bookmarking website to discover and share best of Internet resources with your friends. It’s very easy to use stumble upon with the help of stumble upon toolbar and discover any webpage on Internet. When you stumble a useful resource, I’m sure you must be wondering How to share a page on stumbleupon. Well, stumbleupon offers very simple way to share your likes and stumbles with all stumble upon friends using toolbar.

Though before I will share how to share on stumbleupon , if you are new to StumbleUpon, you should see my earlier post on :

Earlier Stumbleupon toolbar is the easiest way to share any page on Internet with your Stumbleupon friends but the downside was you can share a page with only 1 friend at a time.

Few days back stumble upon introduce two new features

1. Stumble upon syndicate with twitter “ This feature easily help you to tweet any of your stumble page, when you add a review.

2. Share any page on stumble upon with all your stumble upon friends at once : This is one of the feature which I always missed in stumble upon. The new update easily let you share it easily share any page with all your friends at once along with it you can also publish it on your facebook account.

Here is the step by step guide using screenshot which will help you to understand how you can share any page on stumble upon at once:

Navigate to your stumble upon profile, like in my case it is

On the right hand of the page, you can select the people with whom you want to share and do add a personalized comment to give personal touch to your submission and share by telling them what’s this page all about.


Click on share now and now your page is shared with all your stumble upon friends.

Make sure that you should always discover the pages which are important and helpful for others. If you are blogger stumbling and submitting your page on stumbleupon is not a bad idea, but over doing it will be bad for your domain.

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  • Mr.J

    Can you Plz tell me more about it because on my Stumble upon profile the share Button which you are talking about is not coming??????.
    tell me how it comes and ………………..if you know more about That how can i share my post to every one in some single step ?????

  • Amal Roy

    Thanks Harsh. This is of great use.

  • Nihar

    Thanks for this tip. coz my company blocks stumbleupon, I have stopped using it from so many months hence very less traffic.

    I request you to stumble my posts, if you really like it :)

    Hope it helps getting some referral traffic.

  • KushMoney

    Great “how to” post. This will surely come in handy for me since I use stumbleupon a lot.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      I’m sure it will. For me it comes out to be Life (Stumbleupon) saver :)

      • KushMoney

        So you use stumbleupon more than other social networks?


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