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    How to Set Facebook Username for Pages

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    When we talk about social media promotion of a site, Facebook fan page, Twitter and Google+ page is one of the best way to create your social media presence. Though, one of the basic target for social media presence is branding and by setting a custom Facebook username for page, we will be adding more into the branding of pages. We have already learned about How to create Facebook page and how to add Facebook fan page into our Blog. Now, we will look into branding of page using custom username.

    A default Facebook fan page username will look like this :


    But we can set a custom name for your facebook fan page for better Branding. So my target here is to set “ShoutMeLoud” as direct URL of my fan page, so that people can easily access it using Facebook.com/ShoutMeLoud.

    Follow these simple steps to create custom Facebook username for pages.

    Go to facebook username page. Click on Set a username for your pages.

    facebookfanpageusername thumb How to Set Facebook Username for Pages

    Select the page and write the custom name in the right hand bar.

    facebookpageusername thumb How to Set Facebook Username for Pages

    Confirm the pop up disclaimer and your username for page will be setup.

    Here is what I have set up for Shoutmeloud Page


    This is another great way to brand your blog. Do let me know if you have setup custom name for your facebook page or not?

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    Ravi Sagar

    There is no such option for me. I have already created username for my account but now I want to create a name for the page.


    Sanjeev Mishra

    Username for pages was disabled for a certain time period and then Facebook again enabled the option to get custom username for pages. I was just waiting for the day when they will enable this option for pages. Got the custom username for my blog’s page (any one can guess that). Thanks a lot Harsh for pointing this out on your blog, it really helped.



    I have the same issue.. I want to change my FB page URL but this message keeps on poppon..
    ____is not eligible for a username at this time. In the future, ____ will be able to set a username. Learn more.

    is this really normal.. and every when does facebook enables the editing or Page URL? do you have any idea when??


    Rajesh Kanuri

    this helps the website to get a good community base.. thanks for pointing out this..


    Harsh Agrawal

    Rajesh this will help more in branding and small page name which people can easily remember..!



    I see many bloggers setting up their pages on facebook, I think i should start it as well :) Thanks for the Quick tut harsh


    suraj jain

    Thanks a lot.. i never knew that was possible.. coz i remembered that we need to have atleast 1000 fans b4 we allowed to set username for fan pages..

    thanks buddy for the post once again


    suraj jain

    just figured out that to get your username aka vanity url for your facebook fan page one should have atleast 100 fans


    Harsh Agrawal

    Suraj it’s 25 now :)



    True, This Option of Customizing Usernames for Pages helps in better viewability of pages


    Extreme John

    I have been considering doing one more fan page, we have three right now and I honestly couldn’t remember how I did it. This will be a huge help if I actually stop thinking about it and do it.


    Heather Kephart

    Cool, thank you. Shared on Twitter and in Facebook. I know this will help so many because I see the question being asked a lot.

    I’ve been struggling with whether or not to get a Facebook page for my blog. What if nobody wants to join? Do I only post links to my articles on that page, or for the view of all my Facebook friends? And if it’s the former, aren’t I drastically limiting my potential readership? If both, won’t I annoy the people kind enough to join my Facebook page with duplicate links?

    Why does everything have to be so complicated? :-O


    Pulsuz Sayt

    I got this message while i tried to try page name:
    “MyPageBame is not eligible for a username at this time. In the future, MyPageBame will be able to set a username.”
    What i need to do, it is second day i can`t assign custom url for my page.



    Harsh Agrawal

    Hey pulsaz
    You need to have 100 Fans before you can set custom name for your Facebook fan page.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Yes Robb you are right. 100 Fans means 100 likes. Though with new rule you can set up custom username after 25 likes.



    Thanks for this clarification. I tried everything to get this done.
    any way, now i have to wait for 100 likes. :)


    Harsh Agrawal

    Gautam updates Rules let you change username after 25 likes :)



    Harsh, I get the same error message as Pulsuz but I have 715 fans. Could it be because my fan page has the exact same name as my personal page? Any other recommendations?

    Here is my error message I get when trying to set a URL for my fanpage:
    Casey Hubble is not eligible for a username at this time. In the future, Casey Hubble will be able to set a username.



    This information would be great if it could help me. I would submit my phone number, but it stops right there. I get no text or anything for a code. I’ve tried numerous times, but it doesn’t work. It’s really frustrating. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.



    Hi there, i create a facebook page with a username, but then deleted the page.

    After that I re-created the name, and wanted to fix the same username for it. But it’s no longer available. Please advise. thanks.




    I have two separate FB pages for different businesses I created on the same day. One account let me set a custom username right away, and when I tried with the other page it gave me the same message as many other posters, that it’s not available for the page yet. I’m just curious as to why I was able to set one username but not the other (both pages only have 1 like each so far!). Thanks.



    Why is it when I try to set up a username for may Page it says the “username is not Available” nor is any variation of the page name. I have tried hundreds of variations of the Page name, (.), and numbers but the system says they are all “not available”

    Please help.


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