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    How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

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    Domain parking is a big business and we have already talked about most expensive domain names. Apart from domain flipping, you can also make money via Adsense for domain. In simple words, you can put Adsense ads on Parked domains and when a visitor land on your parked domain, from search or from referral, you will still be making money under adsense PPC program.

    Update : Here is a bad news for Adsense for parked domains, as Google updated on their official page, that Parked domain adsense will retire on June 27th, 2012.\Hosted domains for Adsense retiring How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

    This is like making money out of something which is not using. To make the maximum out of adsense for domain , best advice is buy an expired domain which is suppose to generate some traffic for you without any effort.

    Step by step guide to Set up adsense for Domain :

    1. Login to your adsense account> Click on adsense set up > Adsense for Domain

    adsense for domains thumb How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

    2. Click on Add new domain

    add new domain adsense thumb How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

    3. Now add parked domain or domains in the format shown in the image and select the language for the parked domains and click on add domains.

    domain parked settings thumb How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

    4. Now you need to make changes in your domain registrar. You can refer to official guide for selected registrar from Google.

    In this example I’m taking Godaddy as an example for registrar

    5. Login to your Godaddy account and in the domain tab select the domain. here we have to do two Set up

    Creating CNAME and Creating A record

    a> Creating a CNAME record

    Login to Godaddy account > On left hand side> Domain > Domain manager

    godaddy domain manager thumb How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

    In the next screen> Click on the name of the domain you want to associate with Adsense for hosted domain

    helloicy adsense for domain thumb How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

    Now click on Total DNS control and MX record link

    total dns thumb How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

    Now you have to add new CNAME record, if already any CNAME entry is there, then edit it with the following entry

    In the CNAME

    Check for entry WWW if it is already there, then edit it else create a new entry

    old cname entry thumb How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

    This is what you have to add in new entry for CNAME

    new entry cname thumb How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

    • Alias name : www
    • Point to : pub-xxxxxxxxx.afd.ghs.google.com
    • Replace xxxxxx with your adsense pub id

    new entry thumb How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

    Now we are done setting up our CNAME record, next thing is we need to set up A record

    b> Creating a A record entry

    Now for A record Entry we need to point our Existing @ record to

    and add more A record with

    • Host name @
    • Points to :,, and

    This will look like this

    adsense a record setup thumb How to Set Up Google Adsense for Parked Domains

    The DNS propagation might take time up to 48 hours. Above all Google adsense will review your application for domain parking and once it will approve the parked domain. It will start showing the adsense advertisement.

    So instead of keeping your domain blank, its better serve advertisement and make some money out of it.

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    Well, Adsense for domain is not retired, I would love to know what other method are you using to monetize your parked domains?

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    Great post buddy. I had no clue ever how to do it.
    Just went through all your previous post and I must say you are doing great. Amazing blog.
    Stumbled the post.



    The beauty of tutorial came from the live experience of the process. Harsh you are among few bloggers who first experiment with the products and then after write about it. Thanks for the tutorial.

    Himanshu™s last blog post..Top 10 richest models in the World: Forbe™s Magazine



    Hy this is a good tutorial, but i have some problems with my domain name that i have at 1and1 and my domian at 1and1 is not support that to put Cname too long and i have try to setup like they say in adsense help and i cant do it.PLease help me if you can at my email adress if anybody can help me please to setup my domain .My email adres is [email protected]



    Thank you for this tutorial. Plenty of bad-mouth postings about how bad the good step-by-step was. You just spelled it out, and made it easy to get it done. Thanks.




    nice post i thanks you so much



    thank you soooo much for this share :D




    Bookmarked it. Thanks for the good tutorial. We have some old domains that might get some traffic. Can’t wait to see.


    free computer tips

    I am not using godady but after reading this post I finally searched from my cpanel and my problem got resolved. Anyway…Thanks



    Great tips. You have explained step-by-step. Excellent



    this is great post for me, i have got lots of information by this post



    I have changed domain nameserver to setup hosting with other hosting provider but the domain remained with the old provider. Will this affect the acceptence of domain? I have changed A Record and CNAME record in the DNS settings but still my domain have not been accepted by google adsense.
    Please help me to rectify the problem.



    Do we need to buy again the domain for adsense from any registrar or is it free of cost??????



    I mean to say that i have already one domain of my business account. However in adsense it has been written that we can add upto 1500 domains. So i tried 5 to 6 domains but do i need to buy those domains or what. I am not clear with this concept. Will you please help.

    Best Regards
    Sahil Bhat



    Been testing AdSense for Domains for 3 months now – I earnt $0.00 and am now shutting it down. Seems like a waste of time for the average domain.




    Same here – not really working 4 me!

    .. Domainer..



    I just have one concern with that. Would that be mean you won’t install any plugin to just put codes in your site? I’ve heard wordpress have their plugin for this but not sure if you will then just post codes or if Google will be the one to take care of it and show those ads automatically. Again, not sure though. I’m quite puzzled.


    Lawal Kehinde

    Thanks. I believe I can make great thing out of this.



    It’s not working for me…. go daddy change the options and now you have to buy buy and buy stuff on go daddy… huh…



    @Demyan it was not the options that was the problem for me, it was that I earnt *nothing* in 3 months!




    wow… imma go park all my spare domains.. :) thanks


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