Simplest Guide To Learn Facebook Video Chat Setup

We just made sure all the readers of ShoutMeLoud and everybody else stumbles upon this website is made sure of the new Facebook Video Chat feature. Yeah, the ability to make calls and video chat with a friend right from your Facebook profile. In case you’re confused on how to get the Facebook video chat set up, then here’s a simple tutorial on how to get it right.

It’s all just a few simple steps and a small download of a plugin that will get you started with Facebook Video Chat. Follow the following steps to setup Facebook Video Chat:

How to Setup Video chat on Facebook:

Point your browser to and click on Get Started.

You should now be treated to a popup asking if you want to Set up video calling. Before this you’ll be asked to select any online contact, do select someone and all this will happen instantly.

When you click on Set up, a plug in will begin downloading and yes these plugins are browser dependent. Click on Run to install the plugin, which should only take about 8 seconds or less.

Once the process is completed, a new popup will open saying Calling ‘user’ and you get the option to cancel the call.

Once connected, you get to video chat with your friend and are given with few option such as Minimize, End and Fullscreen. You can also chat with your other friends while you’re video calling someone else.

As you can see above, the video quality isn’t that great, but that’s because of the Laptop webcam quality. If you’re using separate webcams, good ones probably, then you should have good picture quality.

There was no problem in Audio or the refresh rate, the video chat was pretty smooth. You can see by the excitement that my friend is portraying, this Facebook Video Chat feature is really going to kick some Google+ butts. You might experience your computer slowing down or crashing if you’re on a really old system, as the Video Chat feature utilizes some CPU juice, actually quite a lot, but even Skype did so.

Tell us if you’ve used this new feature of Facebook and let us know what you think about it. 

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COMMENTs ( 33 )

  1. Jasper James Torres says

    I had a video chat to a friend on Facebook but he can’t hear my voice. I can hear his voice but he can’t hear mine. I am using stereo headphones for the video chat. The video is clear. My only problem is the audio/sound. What should I do?

  2. muriel montoya says

    i got my 1st video chat call on fb yesterday.i installed when prompted.then i can hear and see them well but they can only see me they cannot hear me.i ended up loading facebookvideocallsetupv1.2.205.0exe.will this fix the problem?or do i need a mic 4 my lap.(my volume was up all the way) and do i need skypesetupfullexe skypesetupfull(1)exe or skypesetupfull.exe or can i delete these programs?

  3. Kristoffer says

    I have the problem that he/she can see me but I cant see them even if they have a webcamera too that is working fine. How can I kinda re dowload the plugin facebookvideocaller or something like that to fix it ?? thanks a lot if you can help me whit this :-)

  4. problimatyc says

    finished insatlling but in google chrome doest’s work …. In mozilla and internet explorer works…. what should i do.?

  5. Donna says

    How come I can hear and see the other person but they can only see me? What needs to be done to the other persons computer to be able to hear… they say their speaker is all the way up.

  6. Sumit Bhatnagar says

    Every time I try to use it, I keep getting the notice to install it.
    It completes the install, but when I try it once again, it asks me to install it.
    over and over and over.
    I don’t get any error messages, but the install does not seem to actually happen.
    Thoughts / recommendations anyone?
    Thank you

  7. Ron says

    Every time I try to use it, I keep getting the notice to install it.
    It completes the install, but when I try it once again, it asks me to install it.
    over and over and over.
    I don’t get any error messages, but the install does not seem to actually happen.
    Thoughts / recommendations anyone?
    Thank you

    • Debanjan Dey says

      Same problem here, nowhere i cud find the solution…. jst s d installation progress bar is filled up, it vanishes, nothing like ‘complete’ or anything!!!! whn trying to start a call, again m being prompted to install…. ovr n ovr again

  8. MLM Guy Ranjan says

    Video chatting in face book is not a great pleasure in facebook as they could charge in the future for it.

  9. Usman says

    Well the Video calling Feature is a good addition by facebook but i think so downloading plugins for this feature may sound awkward to user’s like me who want to use new features without installing any thing new

    • Siddie says

      It’s possible that the friend you’re trying to video call hasn’t installed the plugin yet :)

      • Rahul says

        no the friend installed the plugin but it says connecting to the user and nothing happens after that.

      • Maninder @ says

        Many users are facing such issues with Facebook video calling. Some of them may be temporary though. Have written and published a post on my own blog regarding all the commonly faced issues and problems with facebook video chat. Trying to put together few more issues and will publish them as a separate post.

  10. Navneet Arora says

    Thanks :) For the description of this new feature ,I heard first time about video chat fro shoutmeloud.::)

  11. Amrish SIngh says

    Face book video calling is the nice services and now you may contact your friend live wildly . Face book has just launches this make Facebook more interest than Google plus projects

  12. ashish says

    Just added this today.. But unlike voice and video chat is is just video call.. May be they add chat feature to it as well

  13. Vijayraj Reddy says

    i think Facebook has taken Google plus seriously, so they upgrading the features…

  14. Kavya Hari says

    These type of tutorial would be helpful to all the Facebook users on the wide. so, i would like to say thanks for given informative post on here.

  15. Techsute says

    Hi harsh, Is this works as Google Chat, where we can chat in text mode and video mode simultaneously??

  16. Andy says

    Great tutorial, seems easy to install the plug in and go. What I like about it is that you can also video chat with more than one person at a time.

  17. Jasmine says

    I have not tried Facebook video chat before… wow, this new feature looks really interesting!

    • salman says

      I tried it and it’s Good to be video chat on Facebook but you can’t enjoy it more like Skype.

    • Siddie says

      It’s not even been a day, give it some time. There are lots of people trying to use this at the same time as you, about 750- million of them!! Keep trying :) and do check if you have your webcam drivers installed. ;)

  18. Ajay | says

    and now there is an error saying “this is not a valid windows…blah blah..”
    lol.. :-)

    • Siddie says

      There are at least 100 million people trying to use this feature, so errors are going to be normal for a day or two!! :P

  19. haru says

    hei thanks dude…i just trying to find how to vdeo call with my friends after of them post of his status that he is doing a video call on facebook..

    thanks again

  20. Ajay | says

    Thnx for the tutorial..but ryt now no friend of mine is using this..will have to wait for some time.. :-(

    • Siddie says

      It’s not necessary for any of your friends to be using it.. just use the call button and they’ll get notified to install the plugin. :)