How to Set Up Facebook Birthday Notification Using Google Calendar?

Of all the features of Facebook, I like Facebook birthday feature which help us to see all the friend’s birthday on sidebar so that we never miss any friend’s birthday. I hope you all know the pain of missing friend’s birthday and here I’m sharing a tip which will take help of Facebook friend’s birthday feature and Google calendar, so that you will Facebook birthday notification for each friend’s birthday who is on your Facebook friend list.

Facebook Birthday Notification

6 Steps to set up Facebook Birthday notification using Google Calendar for Fb friends:

Step 1:

Enter Facebook, click Events on the left menu, and then click on Birthdays.


Step 2:

At the bottom of the page you will find the Export Birthdays link. Click on it.


The link that appears in the resulting popup dialog should be copied.

Step 3:

Enter Google Calendar. Click on the Add button under the “Other Calendars” box; select the “Add by URL” function.


Step 4:

Paste in the URL from Facebook.


The birthday dates have now been added to your Google Calendar.


Step 5:

To setup notifications, click on the small arrow next to the appropriate calendar and choose “Notifications” from the “My Calendars.”

Facebook Birthday Notification

Step 6:

Setup the type of notifications you want for the birthday reminders.


And you are done.

 I hope this tutgotial will help you to set up Facebook birthday notification for your friends so now you will never forget your friend’s birthday. Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your Facebook friends if you don’t want them to miss your birthday.

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  1. Lamonica says

    i am tryin to add my birthday but i cant get it my birthday is march 12 so people can see when is my birthday can u help me out

  2. Paritosh says

    I was planning to migrate all the birthday events manually to google calender. Am glad i read this article.
    Thanks :)

  3. Amol Mhetre says

    Hey man, Thanks for guidance step by step. I set up the birthday notification for my facebook friends. and it’s working fine. Thanks buddy !!

  4. Lalit says

    I didn’t know that Google Calendar had features of sending notifications via SMS. Great and useful tip! Thanks for sharing :)