How to Get Facebook Page Notification Via Emails

Facebook Page Notification on email

I have set up my own Fan Page on Facebook and its really easy to make one but the problem is, I couldn’t find any options that will alert me whenever there’s a new comment or post on my wall. So what will happen is that, I have to check my Facebook fan page from time to time to see whether or not I have new comments or post on my wall, isn’t it uneasy? More over, it’s important for us to monitor what our competitor is doing on their Facebook page to keep an eye on what’s happening.

Well, gladly there’s a solution for that problem.  The website name HyperAlerts has able to recognized this problem in which Facebook has failed to add. The website alerts you when someone has posted or leave comments to your fan page via email. So if you’re managing Facebook fan page, then this tool is another one you need. Another thing also is that, you can add multiple fan page alert and set the time you’ll be notified.

Note: Some images are from the beta version of HyperAlerts, but the usage are same.

Setting up Email alerts for Facebook Fan Page Activities:

Hyperalerts is a great service which let you monitor any Facebook fan page activities. All you need to do is link HyperAlerts with your Facebook profile, and now you can monitor activities on any page that you are the admin of or you have liked. This monitoring includes Updates, comments on your pages, and if you the admin you can also get Email notification for private messages. Recently they have upgraded from beta to Hyperalrts2, which offers very neat and clean interface.

1. You need to register at HyperAlerts in order to use their service.

2. Next choose whether to “Add alert by URL” or “Add alert from your Facebook user”. For this tutorial I will choose Add alert from your Facebook user because I always check my Facebook first before checking my email.

3. Next is to allow this application to your Facebook. Go ahead and click the “Allow” button.

4. Next is to choose which fan page you would  like to be alerted. Click + plus sign or the Add this page button

Facebook page Email notifications

5. Once you have added your new page alert, you can now set up how frequently you’ll be alerted or notified for any new comments, posts or even your own content.

Configuring Facebook Page Notifications

That’s it, you now have your own automated Facebook fan page alert. Isn’t it nice? You can add more alerts if you want to. Usage of this service is immense, and with the growing need of Social-media engagement, you can take advantage of Hyperlarts to grow your Facebook profile or Page exponentially. If you own multiple Facebook pages, you can use this service to get Email digest for daily activities on your page. You can also set your ideal page via Hyper Alerts, and learn how they are using it to engage with audience. Another great usage is by monitoring your competitor Facebook page, and answers readers questions to build your own social-media profile.

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  1. Abhay says

    Nice tool that recognized the common but relatively unnoticed problem faced by people having fan page. Surely a solution worth adopting without giving a second thought.

  2. Murugappan says

    Thanks for letting me know, Baby. :-)
    BTW, I loved the very apt tagline of this service – “the feature facebook forgot.” ;-)

  3. Karan Mehta says

    Baby…This is useful…Has anyone tested this? I am a little concerned about facebook spamming. There was a news lately that facebook sells the database, Since I have not tried the utility myself…I would not want to use it unless people have actually tried and tested the same.

    Of hand, this looks good in terms of managing comments, I am not getting much right now as my blog is a week old.


  4. Prabal @ LPII says

    Hey, thats pretty cool & looks easy to use. I will be signing up for this service now. Thanks for sharing. It would really help me.

  5. [email protected] says

    I have never used this software for my FB fan page. will definitely give a try to this.
    thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Girish Anand says

    I really like your idea of guest posts and You are getting expert Posts…as i just read above post and it is really helpful with good focused images.
    Thanks to the author also..and to you Harsh………….

  7. Usman@FirstHosting says

    LOL, this is really helpful , because some days back I found the when some one comments on any post of fanpage, you wont get notified, and I don’t like this.

    but this helped now.
    thanks for the share.

  8. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Baby, never used Hyper Alerts services before, but it is looking cool and interesting. Will try it for sure. Thanks for sharing.