How to Send Private Messages in Google Plus

Google+, the Facebook killer, the Google social network has been very famous on the internet. It is the fastest growing social networking on the internet. With around 30 Million users in Google+ many of them have been complaining about the lack of private messaging but let me tell you, you are wrong. Google+ has that feature but with a slight trick. The trick is very simple and doesn’t require any expertise, nor any installation. This is actually a feature of Google+ turned to be used as private messaging. To make it simple for all you folks, I will give step-to-step tutorial so that no problem occurs with understanding. Read on!

Send Private Message in Google Plus

  • Sign in to your Google+ account.
  • Type the message in the box under the headline “Stream”.
  • Now, the main thing – You can see “Add circles or people to share with…” below the box(where you wrote the message).
  • Type in the name of your friend.
  • Click on “Share”.
That’s it! By this method the message will be sent only to your friend. So, if you were thinking that Google+ doesn’t come with an option of private messaging, then you were wrong. And with this goes one of the biggest problem of Google+. I hope you understood the steps and would be able to follow them. If you have any problem, just tell me in the comments and I would try my best to resolve it. You can ensure that the message is being shared with only the person you wanted it to, then click on “Limited”(on the published status) and there you can see who has the authority to see it.

This was a much required “hidden” feature on Google+. Now, as you know it, do share your opinions about this feature and about this post in the comments.

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  1. eTipsLibrary says

    At the start of your article you crowned the Google+ as facebook killer. But i think it’s not the case and time will decide this, we have to wait and see. The trick you have given in the article is a good alternative to private message but i would rather say it as limited sharing. Private message is something different and Google should consider adding it in Google+ as Google plus is still in beta testing.