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I’m a regular Gmail users and I miss there is no default feature to schedule Email in Gmail. Here I’m talking about an E-mail service LetterMeLater (Letter-Me-Later), as name suggests let you schedule Email for future dates.

Scheduling Emails for future is a very useful feature that anyone would like to use. It can help us in multiple ways. There are many circumstances in which we can utilize Email Scheduling.Schedule Emails
Here are some examples of such situations:

  • You are working on some project and want to send an alert to your client at 01.00 P,M. tomorrow. But you can’t access the internet at that time and thus want to schedule the message before itself.
  • You use email to upload photos to your Flickr, Facebook or TwitPic. You want to schedule the upload process by sending a scheduled email to your Flickr, Facebook or TwitPic account.
  • You are sending scheduled email to yourself as a reminder about any task to be done.

How to Schedule Emails using LetterMeLater service:

LetterMeLater is a free email scheduling service. This service has the very best feature that our regular email program doesn’t have – the ability to schedule e-mail. It means you can write emails now and have them sent to anyone at any time in future (after one week, or after one month, or even after 10 years!). I use it frequently for sending emails to myself as a reminder of tasks to be done in future.
Scheduling email is very simple.Go to LetterMeLater , sign up with your name&email ID ,click the verification mail you receive, Compose the mail, Set date and time you wish and then click schedule to send . That’s it.Your email will be scheduled. When the date and time of the email arrives ,it will be automatically delivered to recipients.


Another very good feature I found at LetterMeLater is that you can send scheduled e-mails from your own email program (Gmail, yahoo, etc.).

How to schedule Email in Gmail:

To schedule email from your email program such as Gmail, first you must be a registered member of LetterMeLater. Send an email to Me [at] LetterMeLater [dot] com, in the following format:

to: recipient(s)
cc: recipient(s)
bcc: recipient(s)
when: date(s) to send – semicolon delimited for recurring emails
options: any of these options: reminder, hidden, html

(only to: and when: are required.)

The below screenshot is the preview using Email scheduling feature via Gmail:

Scheduling Email

Additional features from LetterMeLater include:

  • Send File Attachments
  • Send scheduled messages directly from your email program.
  • N0 advertisements will be sent with emails.
  • Send scheduled recurring emails.
  • Reminder :Selecting this option send you a copy of scheduled email to inbox 3 days before it is delivered
  • Share emails with others: Let others read your mails and read shared mails
  • Send scheduled mobile messages.Full details here
  • Manage, edit or delete scheduled(or sent) emails,if necessary
  • Supports HTML mail
  • Uses your original email address to create scheduled mails.
  • Ability to import contacts and create group of contacts for emails that you often send to several people at once
  • Receive replies or returning mails directly in your original email program. (Gmail, yahoo,msn, etc.)
  • You can add more than one email address to one account and use any of them to send mails
  • Enter your own email address in the “bcc” (blind carbon copy) field to receive a copy of the email at the same time your recipient does.

This online Email schedule service might come as a handy service when you need to schedule Emails. Do let us know if you are aware of any other working service or tip which will let us schedule Emails directly from Gmail account?

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  1. Chris says

    How do you think this compares to Boomerang service for email scheduling? I use and like that service. Was curious if you have ever used.

  2. Fairooz Mohammed says

    Yes, Satish. That is a good suggestion. If email services has this by default, it would be great.
    Thanks for stopping by, Satish. :)

  3. Sahil says

    Thanks for sharing. That’s a new one for me!!! I personally use Boomerang; a Firefox addon for scheduling Gmail E-mails… Will try it soon