How to Resize A Batch of Photos in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is a guru of all photo editing applications out there. It’s something everyone’s got to agree with. Some people say, with Adobe Photoshop, you are only limited to your imagination. You never know a manipulation of what and what will result in what. The wonderful tools are bundled with Adobe Photoshop waiting for you to use them and create outstanding graphics, effects for photos and whatnot.


Just because it’s a great professional application doesn’t mean you can’t do minimal jobs in it. In fact, almost everything that can be done to an image can be done by Adobe Photoshop. And when it comes to resizing images, which is very important for bloggers and web designers, Photoshop comes into use.

Imagine a scene where you have taken over a hundred of photographs and you want them to post on Facebook or on your blog. But the file size is like over 500 MB witch each counting more than 5 MB. The best way to reduce filesize is to resize the image (as long as it’s not necessary that viewers zoom way too much into it). Resizing is easy. But when you have to do it to a batch, you may get a little worried.

Don’t worry, though. Now that you are here, we’ll show you the easiest way to resize a batch of photos in a few clicks using Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Tutorial to Resize Images in Batch using Photoshop:

Run PhotoShop Image Processor

Run Adobe Photoshop CS5. Go to File > Scripts > Image Processor.

scriptsA window identical to the following screenshot will open up.


This one box will get the whole process done. Let’s divide it into four sections and talk about what they do.

Select the images to process

You have to show the location of a folder. Photoshop will pull all the images in that folder and process them automatically. If the selected folder has sub-folders, Photoshop will pull them too if you check the “Include All Sub-Folders” box.

Location to Save Processed Images

Once the images have been processed, you might not like the result. You may want to do it again with a different setting. You wouldn’t be able to do it if the original images were replaced. That’s why Adobe Photoshop wants a different location to save the processed images so that the original images remain intact.

Selecting the file type

Starting from here, you start to select the process. You can save photos as TIFF, PSD or JPEG. By default JPEG is selected so you don’t need to recheck that. On the right there is a checkbox called Resize to fit. Check that box and enter the width and height you want the images to be resized into.


If you want to add some effect to those photos while processing, you can select the Run Action option and choose your effect from the drop-down menus.  You can also add copyright info if you want.

Now that you are ready, click the “Run” button and wait. This process will take time depending on your processor and the number of photos that are being processed. Once done, you can open up the folder and see the resized photos.

I hope that was easier than you thought it would be. Recently I have written another post about How to Add Metadata to A Batch of Photos by Adobe Bridge and you can have a look on that as well.

Do let us know if you use Photoshop or any other software to resize your images? Which is the most effective software you have used for image resizing?

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