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How to Remove HTML Tags From Thesis Comment Box

How to Remove HTML Tags From Thesis Comment Box

Malhar Parve sent this question in which he asked

“Can you please tell me how can remove the extra tags below comment box”. As I explained earlier most of Thesis option is controlled from Thesis option panel and Thesis Design Panel. Here is the screenshot which Malhar sent me and he is pointing at HTML tags showing below comment from. (Marked in red)

This HTML tags can easily be removed using Thesis theme option panel > Display option Comments.

Uncheck the option which says “Show list of Allowed HTML tags” .

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  • joanna

    Hey on my blog people for some reason cannot leave any comments on any post? Any idea how to fix it?

  • WP Content Plugins

    Harsh in new Thesis 1.7 there is no option for “Show List of Allow Tags”. I want to allow my visitors to insert HTML codes in comments. Can you please help me.
    How to show codes in comments.

  • Malhar Parve

    Hey George, this looks simple to you, but as I am beginner to thesis these things may get missed easily.

  • George Serradinho

    This is so simple to do and it’s nice that you shared it with others. Many users would think that it’s complicated to remove, I hope they see that it’s not.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment George. Some time even simple things look tough!! :)

  • Malhar Parve

    Hey, Great man! It’s done. Thanks for the help. :)


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