How to remove Browser Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!

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Few days back one of my client website got infected by malware and it was affected by some self replication malware via infected PC. Though hosting company cleaned the malware but the problem still persists in terms of visitors getting message like

Warning : Visiting This site may harm your computer!

The problem was big and obviously traffic dropped to a great extent. Google search top result was useless as most of the link were redirecting to place where all you will get is affiliate links to spyware and malware.

I hope this solution will help those people who are facing similar problem.

The simple solution to this problem is Google webmaster tool, which can be ask for re-review the website.

You need to add your website to Google webmaster tools and verify the ownership. Feel free to take help of my previous post on how to submit sitemap to Google webmaster tool, in that post I have mentioned how you can verify the ownership.

After verifying your website, you can refer to my post on Google Webmaster tool added Malware detection tools, There you can find the place for requesting a review for your website.

According to official Google help page :

  • On the Webmaster Tools Home page, select the site you want.
  • In the Parts of this site may be distributing malware message, click More details.
  • Click Request a review.

I’m sure this will be helpful for any one who are in the same situation, or you can bookmark it for future reference. If you face any problem feel free to let me know.

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  1. Web Hosting Blog says

    Useful post, I had a very bad experience of infected website. Immediate action is needed so as not to affect the site’s traffic

  2. Brian D. Hawkins says

    This happened to my Ad Tracking site last year. I was horrified. I had been hacked and every page, including tracking links, had a line of code added to the footer. It was an easy fix but getting Google to reconsider the site took awhile. It was a very expensive lesson, I lost a lot of members. I’m a security fanatic now.

  3. mealdy says

    thank you for your tip, i think u r a full-time blogger, heh
    my blog will launch days later, i’ll appreciate for your visiting:)

  4. Sourish Nath says

    How long does google tak to review malware infected site. My last site re consideration took around 30 days .

  5. Sujoy says

    Hi there,

    In the homepage ie., the author name shown for each post and the date of post has no gap in between. I just noticed it, and thought I’d inform you.


  6. Internet Tomorrow says

    Yeah!! This is can happen to webmasters who don’t take good care of their hosting account. Virus or malware is the problem. Good one mate.

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