How to redirect wordpress default RSS feeds to feedburner without any plugin

By the number of posts I’m writing these days on WordPress, you can easily figure out that I’m a fan of wordpress. Obviously I’m because it made my life much easier and it’s probably wordpress that I have decided to work as a professional blogger.

And If you are familiar with RSS feeds, Shoutmeloud recommend feed demon as your feed reader.

Feeds are great way to boost your blog popularity and make them reachable to enormous people. Its very important to keep track of your feeds using any service. You can easily use Feedburner.

Though recently I posted about Feedburner Google. So if you are setting up your wordpress blog. I will suggest using Google feeds service.

Once you have signed up with any feed service, your aim is to redirect user to new feed address, which can be done by using feedburner feedsmith wordpress plugin. Though this trick is always not very effective. Another best way to to redirect your default wordpress feeds is by editing your .htaccess file.

Do take a back up of your .htaccess file before editing it.

add the following line, and replace the feed address with yours.

# temp redirect wordpress content feeds to feedburner
<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
 RewriteEngine on
 RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedBurner    [NC]
 RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !FeedValidator [NC]
 RewriteRule ^feed/?([_0-9a-z-]+)?/?$ [R=302,NC,L]


This is one of the simple and most effective method to redirect your default feeds to feedburner or feedproxy account.

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COMMENTs ( 13 )

  1. Vijay says

    It’s strange Harsh. First you suggest the .htaccess method to all, and then reveal that you yourself are using the Feedsmith plugin. Why don’t you yourself use the .htaccess method?

  2. Aurangzaib Qumbrani says

    It’s not working, I tried again but it made my pages not available, thank God I had the .htaccess file saved in my system!

    My latest posts aren’t coming on the feed, looks like my Blog feed has stuck, I’m looking for the solution…

    Tried feedbuner ping and almost everything, need help ~Harsh

  3. Gourav Jain says

    @ rahul964 : This is not so. Sometimes we need to edit .htaccess file to allow some special commands.

    And about minimising the risk, Harsh has already asked to make a backup of .htaccess file before continuing. If you get any error, replace the .htaccess file with the backup. It will work on as before.

  4. rahul964 says

    Harsh listen, If I do any Modifications .htaccess will any problem occurred to my posts or not?

    I have Listen from Some people that we should not do any modifications with .htaccess?

    is that Correct?

  5. Nihar says

    Harsh, I added it in my .htaccess and i opened my blog default feed,

    But, it is not redirecting to feed burner . ANy reason why?

    • says

      I assume you are using super cache plugin. Delete your cache and try. I hope it works. Meanwhile Right now I’m using a plugin named as feedsmith feedburner to redirect my default feed to Feedburner.

  6. Raju says

    I advice people not to redirect WordPress default RSS feeds to feedburner blindly. I am telling this because I am one of those who did that early on and now I do not remember which mechanism I had used to redirect all the feeds to feedburner (not .htaccess, not feedsmith) :(
    It kills the user friendliness of the WordPress blog since the user won’t be able to subscribe to individual categories/tags.

    • says

      Thanks for the info Raju. But using default RSS feeds is int it hard to analyze? Along with this once when people redirected the readers, moving back to default one will reset the count to 0.

      • says

        what you want to analyze? number of feed subscribers? Number is just for the show-off, but usability will be lost if you redirect all feeds to feedburner. Say if I want to subscribe to only those posts you write under ‘wordpress’ category, I won’t be able to do that now.

        • says

          Raju those numbers are not only for show off. There are more usability then show off. Feed subscriber stats show your readers how many people trust your website.

          Better the number is , better it will be. Talking about option for subscribing to particular category feed subscription offer. It’s not a big deal any one can still give the option after burning it with feed burner and that will be much better option because we can keep track of the category which is doing the best.

          Meanwhile I think there is still an option to give category based subscription. I will post about it soon.

  7. Simran says

    This is great method Harsh. We should try to solve our problems without using plugins and here you’ve solved another problem without plugin :)