How To Publish Your Own Book – Your Guide To Make Your Work Sell Millions

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You are a writer if you have talent in writing good literary pieces. However, being a mere writer is not the end of the dream line. To be an author is the ultimate goal of people with talent in writing.

Some would say that for you to be an author, you have to publish your works and claim the honor of the masterpieces. However, the process may not be as easy as you think.

Aside from the huge money involved, you also have to invest as much time in selling as you spent writing it. To give you a concrete guide on how to publish your own book, read the article to be ready to hold a copy of your own book.

Create a Buzz

Even before you finish writing your masterpiece, you can already start creating a buzz. Best-sellers employ the strategy on how to publish your own book to cause commotion in the market. By submitting a short outline of your work to different magazines, you can arouse the interest of people and persuade them to look forward to the release of your book.

Submit the rundown to publishers related to your work. Doing so will help you target the right audience. With the noise you make, the final launching of your work will be a sure hit.

Review your Work

Your work is a reflection of your personality and expertise. Although you have a target audience, different people from all walks of life may read your book. On the tips on how to publish your own book, be sure that your work is well researched.

If you present facts, be sure you have a ready and reputable source and mention it in your work. Review the grammar and style of writing. You can hire editors to do it. If you are dealing with factual data, ask experts to referee your work.

Judge the Cover

Although the popular adage says, “Do not judge a book by its cover”, people still do it. The packaging can either make or break your work. One crucial consideration on how to publish your own book is to choose the right cover. You can consult your editors about it or hire a graphic designer to do the work for you.

Look for the Press

Printing is the most expensive part on how to publish your own book. The price depends on the number of prints you want to make. Generally, the more copies you order, the more discounts you can enjoy.

Although it is not always practical to request for too many copies on the first printing, you can do it if you’ve created enough noise about its release.

Find a Good Distributor

The next step on how to publish your own book is finding a distributor to market your books. Even if it is not always necessary to have one, distributors can help you sell huge number of your works and market it better.

Self-published books are sometimes your alternative to make your dream of becoming an author come true. By following the guidelines on how to publish your own book, your masterpiece can sell millions of copies.

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COMMENTs ( 3 )

  1. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    I am planning to write an e-book. Hope I will find a good distributor. Thanks for listing all the key points in this article.

  2. Jens P. Berget says

    I’m writing a novel, and this advise was perfect timing although it will be a few more months before I actually finish it.

    I’m not sure what I’ll be doing when I finish writing. First, I need to know how good I think the book really is. I don’t want to create a buzz and do all sorts of marketing stunts if the story (and the writing) is not as good as I thought it would be. Hopefully my wife will be the first one to read it, and she’ll be the judge :)

    As soon as she gives me a go, I’ll start with creating buzz (probably using twitter and facebook). By the way, the book is in Norwegian.