How-to Publish Updates on Facebook and Twitter from Google+

So, it seems like Google+ is actually gaining a lot of traction, despite of it being in beta. People are actually using Google+ and liking the experience. I get like 4-5 notifications every day and my Stream is always updating itself with stuff from other friends on Circles. Stuff that almost all the time are about Facebook and Google+ face-off!!

As of now, Google+ has received all good reviews and the number of users who’re on it are reaching the 10 Million mark. Since, it’s new, people don’t know how to go about doing what they did when using Facebook or Twitter. We keep discovering new things about Google+ everyday, some small and some useful. Here’s one such useful trick on how to cross post on both Facebook and Twitter using Google+. You can also read about how to post status updates on Google+ using SMS, in case you’re in India.

How-to Cross Post on Facebook and Twitter from Google+

To make this possible, to cross post, you’ll require to be on Google+ and some time. Cross-post can be really helpful if you want to spread the word on every social networking site you’re on. It’s a very good way to market whatever you want to market. Follow this tutorial below to make it happen:

  • Go to the Facebook Mobile website from you desktop browser, here you’ll be presented with your own personal Facebook email.

  • Head over to your Google+ profile and a Add a new friend using the Facebook email id and create a new Circle as well, say FB Share. You can play with the settings to keep it hidden if you want, in case you don’t want others to see it.

  • Now, whenever you want to share something on both Google+ and Facebook, all you need to do is add the FB Share Circle to the Share options and check on ‘Also E-mail 1 person not using Google+’. This will share the post on Facebook.

  • Below are some screenshots of this cross-posting done right!!

As you can see, the Status on Google+ was posted on Facebook too.

Try it out now and let us know if you believe cross-posting is good for blogging, especially from Google+ to others.

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COMMENTs ( 8 )

  1. Tom says

    superb for Gplus!
    But on plus for business I can’t get it to work, the problem there is, that I can not add a person/mail-address to any circle, it is just not available.
    May this is because I’m using Google-Apps…
    However, it is getting better – before it was not possible to use Gplus within an Apps-Account

  2. Sidhant says

    Only short-plain-text will be supported, since it is counted under the ‘subject’ collumn.

  3. Ajay | says

    This is simply great tip…
    and no i wasn’t aware about ping..
    thnx a lot for sharing that as well…