How to Protect Your Online Identity

One of the most sensitive issues one can ever come across and should be aware of his/her online identity, even a common lay man using the computer for the very first time should be aware of this sensitive detail at all times. Usually when we are browsing the net, we come across different and very attractive sites that offer very captivating products and  just for a mere amount of a single dollar or a couple of dollars, which is well within our reach to pay.

protect online identity

1. Watch it….!

So the first thing that comes to our mind is why not purchase this item?  And as  salient product has its formality forms to be filled in, we very willingly go head to fill those long forms. At the same time, we are giving our details such as complete name, credit card no., the credit card pin no, our date of birth, gender etc. But what we don’t know is that there are hackers sitting 24/7 on the net and looking out for the people who are giving out their personal details, just because they are excited to purchase the product.

2. Possible Damage

In other words, you are exposing yourself to the whole world, which can become one of your very haunting nightmares in broad day light when you come to know that you and your name is being used or implemented in a corruption case or you are a complete popper by the end of the day and this nightmare can carry on for months if you make the slightest slip online.

3.Hackers are getting smarter

When you are online and attach yourself to any payable link then you are linked up with the bank, or your internet service provider is tracking your every click and keeps redirecting you to pages where you have to keep logging in your information over and over again, on the other hand where you won’t see but the much advanced hackers can see your exact details scrolling down the screen.

4. Keep Security Measures

It is a good habit to install  spyware software, firewalls which prompt you before opening any and every site, also there are many anti-virus softwares that can be installed on the system that prevent you from logging onto any unknown site and will keep giving you errors when you click the go icon. Even when you are sending or receiving emails, your email downloads or uploads without any problem then its ok otherwise if you’re repeatedly being prompted due to errors in the same, then it is quite possible that there is some problem being initiated somewhere down the line someone is trying to hack whatever you are doing electronically.

5. Keep Updates

Always keep an anti-virus installed on your system. Always remember to keep it on while running or browsing the internet and keep an updated version of your antivirus or use such antivirus that keeps auto updating on the specific dates and time you have set. Don’t ever give your personal identity online while chatting, or give your personal details online for job purposes, as the same may result very expensive to your personal being at the end of the day. Use preventive measures and Happy browsing folks!

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Tech Maish says

    Kimi@ Yes you are right that technology is growing and so criminals.
    If technology is growing then of course security measures are also growing, so you need to use them all to surf the web with security.

  2. Kimi says

    Quite scary to be online nowadays, as the technology is growing, online criminals also growing..

    I guess typing critical stuff, like password, credit card number with virtual keyboard helps too.

    Thanks for the tip!

  3. Mani Viswanathan says

    Over revealing your personal details could be seriously dangerous. Technology is moving way far than us. So play smart & safe :P

  4. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Bilal, I need to take care of these things. I am a bit lazy when it comes to security measures, but I don’t know when it will backfire on me. But I will take the necessary steps from now on. Thanks again

  5. Basant says

    Also, we must use virtual (online) key-board for logging into our bank or for doing other financial transactions. This will prevent any hidden s/w which may log or key strokes to know passwords etc.

  6. Thiru says

    Nice Write up Bilal,

    Definitely, Your post will create awareness among online users, eespecially blogger who are online 24*7.