How to Promote your Blog on Social Networking Sites

Internet is a social platform. Social networks are a great way to communicate and interact with friends as well it is also a great way to promote your business or blog. Social networks become the most useful and effective way to attract more visitors to your blog.

Even though most of the bloggers find only search engine to promote their blog but only rare get success in that case and social networks are alternate way to do this. With the help of this you can follow or share your interest with your friends find people similar to your interest and do lots of things.

Here is some key point on how you can promote your blog on Social Networking Websites:-

Social Networks

Social Networks

• Make a profile on your favourite networking site and then make a group or community to find people related to your niche or with similar interest, with whom you can share and discuss things related to your blog.

• Don’t only use social networks to paste a link of your latest post and leave it to the rest. Interact about your writing and experience; what social networks usually do is provide you with people of mutual interest, so they definitely enjoy your writing and shares.

• If you are a blogger who spends most of time writing article and submitted it on social networks then it is not worth to submit or share each post because by this your friends or followers will prefer to switch off your daily news because a limit always matters!  Try to share a single or two posts a day not more than that. More over share quality and timeless posts instead of time-sensitive and filler posts.

• Use a catchy title or description to your posts so that reader immediately wants to know about that and click on your link. Make sure the title is accurate. Make your title SEO friendly, a proper title helps you to increase your ranking in search engines also. Title is what draws readers to read your post. Thing about what people can search or write on those topics and choose title according to that. And it’s a proven fact, article with catch title works best for social networking sites like Twitter, Digg and Facebook.

• Always ready to answer to the query asked to you or always available to your readers whenever they need you. Try to resolve their problems and also make your presence feel on social network by keeping yourself active and responsive. When you submit any post on any social networking site for promotion, keep a track of it and answer all queries asked by user of that social network group.

• What some bloggers usually do is in starting, they post on daily basis and after that when they find that they are now popular and had made their base, they leave it to the people to find themselves by their own. But this practice is not recommended! Keep you and your blog always active with the help of social bookmarking sites, don’t be over-confident!

• There are thousands of social networks to help you for your blog promotion, you can find whichever you want to choose or go with. You can research about different websites available and according to your needs select whatever you requirement is.

• Whenever you visit a blog or read a post from any other blog and find it interesting than don’t forget to leave your mark there by giving comment to that post this will encourage the writer as well as it is also helpful in point of view of social networking. As more you give the more you become worthy of receiving. This in turns help your blog to get more visibility in search engines.

Which social network do you use for your blog promotion? Do tell us.

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  1. Nneka says

    This is good information. I am new to blogging. I use Facebook and LinkedIn to promote my blog site. I will try your suggestions and see how it goes.


  2. ashish says

    And definitely promoting on social networking sites will fetch loads of traffic infact returning trafic

  3. Azulfi says

    All the points you made here make a lot sense. I have been blogging for last 3years now. And cannot be more agree than almost all the points you made here. Secret of blogging is to write quality content and be very active.

  4. John says

    Hi Kavita,

    Nice post, i think every blogger love to use all the tips you mention in this post

    Thanks for sharing

  5. sasiprk says

    Really awsome article…. though we already read many about these kind of articles, It ia a refreshner……

  6. DJ Sophia says

    Nice article.Thanks for sharing that…I think that Social networking is a best source of getting traffic…

  7. Zohan @ ScreamingTips says

    Awesome post!! I like it very much promoting blog on social networking websites is very good way to get much traffic to our websites!!

    Thank you for sharing these tips with us. b:)

  8. Rishi says

    Spamming social networks really doesn’t help, newbies should get that. And yeah, I’m leaving my mark here! Nice tips.

  9. Bharath kumar says

    Great post kavita…..its a good medium to find people with similar interests and then take it on from there with your blogs which finds niche set of people and a good fan base for your blogs :)

  10. Swamykant says

    Great post. Every blogger should make use of social networks to leverage the blog’s reputation.

  11. Jasmine says

    Great tips. My favorite social networking site is still Facebook and it is set to automatically get my latest blog posts.

    • Kavita Arora says

      Hello Jasmine,

      I too use Facebook App “Rss Graffiti” for auto posting of my latest blog posts:) I hope you do use the same ?

      Thank you for leaving the comment. :)

  12. Jitendra Singh says

    Nice post Kavita on promoting blog on social sites. Its understood … blogging means social awareness. :)

  13. Anuj@webtricksblog says

    ya nice one by Promoting your Blog on Social Networking Sites You can drive lots of traffic to blog