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    How To Present Webinars For Profit

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    How would you like to Generate 50 New Leads, And Make More Sales In A Month Than You Would Normally Do In A Year?

    A recent study was done on a number of really successful small business’s in the United States.  When asked which marketingwebinar 300x260 How To Present Webinars For Profit methods the successful companies were focusing on, the responses were:-

    1. Email marketing
    2. Referral marketing
    3. Partner or affiliate marketing
    4. Social Media marketing
    5. Webinars Marketing

    Now, I am sure many companies are comfortable with 1 to 4 on the list, but how many are truly embracing the use of webinars to help them grow their business?

    Consider Using a Webinar marketing Strategy

    There are a number of uses for a webinar.  A few that come to mind are:-

    • Lead Generation
    • List building
    • Generate sales and chunk flow (either from selling the webinar or selling something at the back end)
    • Positioning
    • Crediting credibility
    • To produce products
    • To find out what your target market want (ie as a form of survey)
    • To add value to existing clients
    • To train team members

    So for the simplicity of this article, lets look at:

    how you can use a webinar to generate leads

    Example: An Accounting Company

    An accountant has a lot of information that could be used to add value to their customers (ie intellectual property).

    Now many accountants might be blogging to their customers (if they are not doing this then they need to be) or sending out monthly newsletters.  This is great, but the challenge is many people don’t read these and also its difficult to use these to attract many new clients, unless you write an amazing new piece and it gets forwarded on.

    So lets assume the accountant decides to implement a webinar strategy into his or her business to help them grow.  After they have decided what software they are going to use, and selected a date, they will need to follow these important steps:-

    • Come up with a compelling title that will appeal to their target market
    • List around 5 bullet points that talks to their prospects, their challenges and/or their needs
    • Create a marketing plan with how they are going to get people to register
    • Market to get people registering
    • Create a pre webinar plan once people have registered to ensure that they show up
    • Create a good powerpoint presentation (about one hour in length) that is not too content heavy, but is really valuable to the target market
    • Present the webinar – ideally with a call to action at the end so any new prospects on this webinar are directed with what to do

    Is Running A Webinar Too Hard?

    Now many people might look at the process above, and put it into the ‘too hard’ basket.

    The thing is, if the above process is completed properly this accountant could end up with a number of new clients as well as strong position for being seen as doing something unique in his or her industry.  This can also have a profound impact on client retention.  The return on investment on just time and money can be amazing.

    My suggestion is if you are not using this strategy, make sure you have a really good look at it – you will be surprised with the results you will find once you take the step to embrace this relatively new technology.

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    Fabrizio Van Marciano

    Very interesting, I’ve always categorized webinar as something too challenging to approach but will certainly bare it in mind for the future, thanks.



    I’d definitely encourage you to have a go at running a webinar Fabrizio. Most of the webinar software companies have very intuitive user interfaces, and they’ll generally offer a free trial to get you going.
    If you can deliver a powerpoint presentation, you can probably deliver a webinar.
    The real skill is in learning how to structure the presentation so that the people attending get excited about taking up your offer.
    Good Luck!


    Geet | HobbyIdeas

    I’ve participated in a few of the webinars & they are definitely a good way to engage your prospects. Any free tool(s) that can help with setting up & managing a webinar?



    Hi Manisha. Depending on how many people you expect to be presenting to, there are some free options.
    Unfortunately, the best one – DimDim – has been acquired by Salesforce.com – so expect to see another player in the market soon.
    Vyew.com allows for 10 free guests.
    Yugma.com – 2
    Acrobat.com – 1
    There are some very low priced options too – YuuGuu.com for example where you can have 30 attendees for an $8 day pass.
    Even some of the plans from the bigger companies are quite cheap for small numbers of attendees.
    All the major players – GoToWebinar, Webex, Adobe Connect Pro – and a whole host of others have a free trial period, so you can try before you buy.
    We’re running a free online training session soon that you can register for at http://free.howtowebinar.com/onlinetraining and this will flesh out the strategies you can use to convince your audience to purchase at the end of your presentation.



    I too have previously been worried about running a webinar to clients…. the marketing aspect is daunting. Do you have any courses or material I can read / click through that might help me form a good sales story or marketing plan?



    Hi Annie – A few things I would suggest …
    1) You can download our free ebook at http://free.howtowebinar.com
    This is something which gives you a few start up tips and strategies.
    2) We regularly run a free online training session which you can register for at http://free.howtowebinar.com/onlinetraining
    3) We run two online training courses.
    a) The Fast-Start pack is designed to help you start making money with webinars in under 30 days … http://howtowebinar.com/faststart
    b) The Webinar Launch System is a comprehensive online sales training course which leads you through a step by step process to prepare, promote and present amazing webinars … http://webinarlaunchsystem.com
    Depending on where you are placed with developing this skill, you should find something useful in some of these options.



    Thanks for sharing this.

    Never done this before. Its a new thing for me.


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