How to Prepare for a Blog Emergency?

We’ve all heard about what’s happened and is still going on over in Japan. It’s got to be a nightmare for the people and the families of those who live there. I’m not going to point any fingers and say they should have been better prepared, because in any disaster, you really can’t prepare 100% for it because you don’t know what will happen exactly. But we can take some pointers from the aftermath of what has happened over there and apply them to our blogging.

Blog Emergency

1. Backup Emergency:

If you’re not backing up your blog on a regular basis, I don’t care who you are, it’s going to get lost eventually. Eespecially backing up hosting and site login details are important because you may be on vacation when someone decided they want to hack your site, and none of your passwords are stored in your laptop or the hotel’s computer.

I usually have a backup made right on my cPanel host account, as well as to my mozy backup service. There’s a wordpress plugin that is great for backups as well, I’ve never used it though.


2. Post frequency Emergency

It’s definitely an emergency when you haven’t written in your blog for over a week. There’s many reasons for this, but mainly if you’re not updating often, people and subscribers lose interest pretty fast. There’s also the search engines that are looking for all the new fresh content online, and if your site isn’t getting crawled and indexed regularly you’re definitely not going to get any love come the next PR update.

I’m not saying that posting frequency has anything to do directly with PageRank, but if you’re posting regularly and requesting people to tweet and share your links, that’s a signal to google that your site is trusted. A simple way to overcome the regular content issue is to allow guest posting on your site.

3. Monetization Emergency

The third emergency is your monetization strategy. What happens in the case that all your advertisers go away, or your adsense revenue drops significantly, or you lose your email list? You should have some back up plans for cases such as these to put into play. You need to be able to figure out how much your blog is worth, and seek out interested parties BEFORE you lose your revenue streams.

There’s really no tried and true method for determining your blog’s worth except to calculate your revenue per month, and multiply it by 12 or 24, and that should give you a good indicator of it’s initial face value. If you also have a subscriber email list of verified people of at least 5k, then I can give you a price for that personally, as I run an 800 million email records database.

To close, being prepared for every emergency is impossible, but if you rely on your blog for anything other than a picture gallery, this post should put you on the right track towards preserving it.


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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. Ajaypratap Sidhu says

    “Backup emergency” is the key for me. Thanks for sharing such a helpful article!

  2. Jasmine says

    Oh, I have never realized that a blog could have such many types of emergencies. Just hope such emergencies will never happen… but just like what you have said, we should always be prepared!

  3. Rahul says i wonder how long i will keep writing one post every day before finally i see some recognition in the blogging world.

  4. Ajay | says

    Of the three mentioned emergencies,i think we should take utmost care of the “backup emergency”.It will be really disastrous if one loses all articles of his blog…
    thnx for this article..

  5. Roy C.Chukwu says

    Thank you for sharing with us these backup tips. This is very very important as but many bloggers never bothered about it.

    Hopefully, after going through this some of them will learn.

    Thank you,