How to Permanently Delete Facebook Account

Permanently Delete Facebook Account

As you know, the social networking site Facebook had, until recently, the right to store the personal information of its users. In practice, even if users want to remove your account on Facebook , were not allowed to do so. While users can turn off the Facebook account, through a link on the site, your personal information still available to Facebook to do this with what they wanted.

Currently, due to protests from people and organizations linked to the protection of personal data, court cases by half, Facebook was forced to provide a link to completely exclude the accounts of users who wanted it. From the moment that you run the desired action, your recorded data will be permanently erased on Facebook.

How do I Permanently delete Facebook account?

Before, you delete Facebook account, you need to know all your data (Status updates, Photos, checkins) will be deleted. And even though, you might like to get back to Facebook, you need to start from scratch. So, my suggestion is instead of deleting, deactivate account. Though, final decision is yours and if you want to leave Facebook permanently, go ahead and follow this guide:

Before you move ahead, I suggest you to take a backup of Facebook account and move ahead. In order to delete Facebook account, login to FB and use this link

After clicking the link will display the following messages:

Delete Facebook Account

Deactivate Facebook Account vs Delete Facebook account

If you only want to disable the Facebook account temporarily, you may do so in the “Disable Account” found on page Facebook account. In this case, your profile and all your information will remain inaccessible to other Facebook users. This solution allows you to later, if desired, return to reactivate your account. Your profile information, your friends list, your photos, all that will be available again, exactly the same as the left. It happens quite often that some users choose to turn off their Facebook accounts, only temporarily and then return to re-activate them.

By deleting the account on Facebook, do not forget that once give orders to delete your account , you can never recover your data.

How to recover the password from Facebook

It turns out that often when you do not use Facebook for a long time, many users will lose the password. However, to disable or delete a Facebook account, need the password in order to enter the account. To access the site will need to click the “Forgot your password?” Which is next to the box where you enter the password? After receiving the instructions in your email you can reset your password and login, to deactivate or delete your account, as described above. You can also recover Facebook password by using this link directly.

I would really love to know, if you ever going to permanently say Good bye to your Facebook account?

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COMMENTs ( 3 )

  1. noname says

    This is how I did it, and it worked.
    1) delete all content
    2) replace log-in email address by one you’ve just created on hotmail or others
    3) Change your name to whatever you want
    4) Go thru steps described in the article to delete your account
    It is only after I changed my email address and name that I stopped getting emails from FB saying that my account “had been reactivated”.