How to Move All Your Facebook Photos & Videos to Google Plus

So you’re probably planning on migrating all your data from Facebook to Google +, mostly because you’re not in your right mind, but whatsoever. It might however, be a good idea, to have your photos and videos shared on Google + as well, since it’s likely that you’ll be using both the social networks. We’ve already told you how to transfer all your Facebook contacts to the new network from Google, so here’s how to move your photos and videos too.

Facebook To Google Plus

Only do this if you’re perfectly sure about it, not because you’re reading this. The procedure may take a while if you have you’re complete life albums and wedding videos, baby videos and other random videos that you’d want to share with friends. While, the transfer of photos and albums is a very easy process and depends on extensions and add-ons, the transfer of videos isn’t so.

How to Move all Your Facebook Photos to Google+

Like I said earlier, this is not a difficult task at all. Involves an extension for the Chrome browser or the Firefox browser. If you’re using Chrome, then you should download the following extension, Move Your Photos.

move your photos login

After you’ve installed the extension, Login to Facebook and Select all the photos and albums that you want to upload.

move your photos extension

Click on upload and Boom!! All your photos, including albums will be uploaded to Google+. You can then go and select who’ll be able to see your photos and other settings.

google  photos moved

If you’re using Firefox, then you’ll need to download this add-on called Photo Importer. It’s very similar to Move Your Photo, well, it uses the same server to upload the photos, but it can’t upload all your pictures and albums at the same time.

photo importer add on

Go to your Facebook profile, visit the page where all your photos are, then Name Album using the toolbar, Make Album and Submit all Albums. After submission, it’ll redirect you to the Move your Photos server and ask you to login to your Google account. Once verified, the upload will start.

upload photo importer

Now, go to Google + and share your uploaded images with anyone you like.

photo importer

If you know of any other  tools that can be used to move photos then do let us know, also give these a try in case you’re planning on shifting to Google+.

How to Move all Your Facebook Videos to Google+

This is a quite boring process I must say, especially if you have loads of content on your Facebook account. There’s no direct means yet, hence you’ll have to download all your Facebook data and then manually upload the videos to Google+.

Firstly, head over to Facebook and download all your data from Account Settings>Download Your Information>Learn More. Now click on download, and click again on the Confirmation.

facebook data download

Select a location on your hard drive if it asks for it. After the download is complete, go to Google+ and upload all the videos that you want to share with your friends.

That’s pretty much it!! You now have all your friends, photos, videos and other information on your Google+ profile as well.

Have you decided on moving to Google+ yet? Do you believe that it’s a good idea?

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