How To Master The Art of Blogging

Blogging is an art and mastering the art of blogging is not as easy as we think. When I started my blog, I had no clue how I’m going to earn money with blogging. Fortunately I learnt things as time passed by. Here are some of the vital points you should consider to master the art of blogging.

Art of blogging

Clear Understanding is Vital:

To be a successful blogger one has to have a clear understanding of what he/she is blogging about. That’s the first and the most important equation. Select a niche and stick to it as much as you can. If you have a clear understanding of what you are writing about, then I must say that you are 25% successful.

Focus on Quality:

Quality is the only factor the retains visitors back to your blog. Create a strategy and focus on it to impress your readers every time you write an article. Every single article should clearly show your superiority in the niche you are dealing with. I know only a genius can do that, but who knows there might be a genius hiding behind your darker side. Wake him up and try something new to introduce your creativity to the blogosphere.

Marketing can do wonders:

A Blog without targeted traffic is worth nothing, even if you can write 10 articles every single day. It’s vital that you market your blog in all  possible ways to drive targeted traffic. Comments on popular and active blogs, forums posting helps a lot in the beginning but remember its not the end. You should make sure that you get some new visitors by writing guest articles, article marketing and by social bookmarking submissions.

Consistency surely pays off:

You should be 75% successful if you can strictly follow the 3 points mentioned above. To be 100% successful, all you have to do is to write quality posts consistently. Make sure you maintain the quality and standards your readers are looking for. Stay patient and work hard. Blogging is a slow process but once you get attention, you will never look back.

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These are few tips which I can suggest to master the art of Blogging, do share your tip to master this art?

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COMMENTs ( 14 )

  1. prabhat says

    agree with you. i am a newbie and i know quality matters a lot. and we should build relations. but i have never tried forum posting

  2. Shabnam Sultan says

    Nice read Vamsi :) blog commenting and being active on social networking sites brings good traffic .

  3. Tushar says

    Quality & Consistency—the golden rules for the bloggers…..if they go together for always, success will come for sure

  4. Dev | Technshare says

    thanks for this ..great post..
    commenting and social bookmarking sites are great way to get backlinks and some traffic ;)

  5. Arijit Das says

    Wow… Very Effective Words you have! I’m totally supporting your thoughts. So, you have arranged the blogging stage with percentage 25 percent (*New Bloggers), 75 percent (*Growing bloggers), 100 percent (*Advanced Bloggers).

    These Steps should be followed carefully! Awesome Article.. :D

  6. Walter says

    Maintaining quality is the most difficult part of blogging. I have been striving hard on this. :-)