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How to Make most out of Sponsored Tweets

How to Make most out of Sponsored Tweets

Yesterday I talked about Make money twitter with Sponsored tweets, this new program is very useful for Twitter users to make some extra bucks using Twitter.

The ground rule of making money with any program is understand its basic and start from step 1 to make most out of it later.

FYI Sponsored tweet pay you by Paypal. Now here is a short guide which will help you to make most out of sponsored tweets.

  • Linking your twitter account with Sponsored Tweets
  • Controlling Your tweets
  • Controlling Notifications
  • Controlling Charge per Tweet

When you signup for Sponsored Tweets, you directly link your Twitter profile with it.

Now the most important part is setting your account. This is no rocket science. Just select some options, and you are all set.

Follow the screenshot.

Charge Per tweet : In Charge per tweet, you see a column for suggested price. Though depending on your followers and reactions on your tweets, you can increase the value. My advice would be at the starting keep it minimum and later on increase the charge per tweets.

Ad unit type : In this options, you can select either you can control what tweet should be sent. You can rewrite the tweets, or send the same tweet sent by advertisers,

Notification : You can set the notification as Email or Direct message to get notified when someone buy your tweets.

Category and Keywords : You can set the category and your target keywords. This will help you to get tweets related to your niche and your choices.

The best thing about this service is, you will not tweet anything automatic and user has all the control over his account.

Signup for Sponsored Tweets

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{ 11 comments… add one }

  • swapnil jadhav

    hey my suggested charge per tweet is $92 ?? should i lower it ? cuz i am not getting any offers ??

    • Harsh Agrawal

      A good idea is to start with a lower value..And once you start getting good can increase the price..

  • Mukundan Srinivasan

    I registered for sponsored tweets but i couldnt get much offers. I have good number of twitter followers but still i couldnt get. Have to find out how the sp.tweets system works.

  • mostlyBlog

    good tips harsh,thanks for sharing

  • Anish KS

    Registered, used your referral Link.

  • Uttoran Sen

    actually never thought to monetize twitter, however, don’t you think sponsored tweets can lead to a loss in followers?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Uttoran you can pick which ads you want to tweet. So the control will be in your hand, So you can be very selective and that will never put off your followers , until unless you not tweeting lots of junk. :)

  • Gautam

    I think they charge huge commission
    So if you have set the price at 2$, it would show to advertisers as 4$ (2$ would go to SponTwts).
    Saying as I read in a question posted on SponTwts:

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for the link Gautam. 50-50 is huge cut, but still I wont mind getting it, because its hard to get direct advertisers for twitter ;)

  • Himanshu

    Hi Harsh, one simple question, how much can we earn with sponsored Tweets? If we are a regular on Twitter and having a strong Twitter profile?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      That depends..Initially you can set price to minimum of 3-10$ and once you start getting advertisers, start with increasing price. Power Twitter users are making 300-400$ for single tweets. Lol who needs to do other stuff, if he can make good money from tweets ;)


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