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    How to make more than $4 from Fiverr

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    I’m a huge fan of fiverr because of how I can always get something amazing, outsourced at a measly price of 5 dollars. There’s always something really useful just waiting to be paid for and it seems like everyone is talking about how you can get something done for you, at practically no cost.

    But what about the people who offer the services, we don’t hear much about them? Sitting at making 4 dollars for every gig that you offer someone, seems like it’s not even close to being worth it. At such a little amount of money, why would you even bother entering into something like it? There are ways though to escape it all.

    fiverr 550x179 How to make more than $4 from Fiverr Fiverr

    Here are some of the best tips towards making more than four 4 dollars for offering your services on fiverr:

    Offer half the service:

    Don’t through everything you’ve got into your one gig. If you’re doing something like an ebook cover, ask them for a second payment and you’ll convert it into a 3d cover for them. There are heaps of small things that you can do and take advantage of to make that little bit of extra money.

    Sell yourself:

    They’ve bought the gig, so why not take advantage of being in contact with the client and selling them your other services. This has worked for me many times, offer a service but only have it as a small part of the bigger picture. Clients will often go and buy the rest of your services at a price such as $25 if you give them much more.

    Offer something that involves no work at all:

    WordPress themes are a great example of this. Usually themes are released under a gpl license which gives you the rights to re-distribute something. Why not buy a premium wordpress theme and then sell it on fiverr for much less. It would only take 30 seconds to complete the order and involves no work at all.

    As long as you can find something that people would be willing to grab hold of and that won’t take much time out of you to complete. You should be able to make some good money from little work, all you have to do is find that thing that people would want.


    If you put things into perspective, there are certain ways that you can use to take advantage of fiverr and actually make more than just $4 from it. As long as you just be creative and make sure that you’re taking advantage of the skills that you have – money making on fiverr should be a breeze for you.

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    I see your presence many times on top list blogs these day Peter. I have not heard about this service yet. But I think unless you have a good reputation you will have few offers from the community. In this case, building a good blog is always the best suggestion.


    Devesh @ Technshare

    Nice Post Peter.

    I haven’t started using Fiverr but i keep hearing good things about it.
    I see many people are doing vidoes, audieos, logos etc. in just $5.

    Most of the times i used fiverr to outsource my work and i think it’s best site to get your work outsource for very cheap.

    Now i’m thinking to try fiverr to make some money and you gave some awesome tips.

    The best tip is doing something that takes no effort at all.

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great post.

    Keep up the good work Peter.



    May I should give fiverr a try! I tried a similar sort of site – , but had no luck with it. May be fiverr should do good and these tips will definitely help.


    Vijayraj Reddy

    that’s great idea, many people have stuff which have vaue more than $5…..



    Good advice! I definitely offer other services and even add my website at the end of all reports.

    Thanks for this! Fiverr has been lucrative for me.



    This service is very new for me never heard it let’s give it a try peter thanks for sharing


    Saket Jajodia

    I have heard about it very long back… Even though I don’t know much about it, as much I get to know about it by reading this article I agree with Vuong comment…



    it is a great website to earn quick money but i did not understand your point regarding the themes. How can i make money by premium WP themes


    Peter J

    Woothemes, buy a premium membership where you have access to all of the themes and then sell a service where you will give everyone a copy of a theme of their choice if they pay the 5 dollars on fiverr.



    Its okay, for what you said. But doesn’t it have a tracking code inside. I thought they would cancel my subscription if I did that. please let know.


    Peter J

    Heaps of people do it, one of the offers on there a persons giving away 1 wootheme theme for $5 and they’ve already had over 60 orders. Not bad :)


    Thanks for sharing this website.

    I will definitely check this out and try to start earning something out of it…


    Bilal Ahmad

    Hmm i have never heard about this website. Let me try it for a project. Thanks for sharing it.


    Glitz @ GlitzyBlog

    thanks for sharing this info Peter Joseph. i have not tried making money on fiverr. this is useful for the small service providers.



    Well i saw this website few months ago. And it is nice. People do loads of different things for $4-5.


    Burhanuddin Tezabwala

    It sounds interesting. Never heard about it before, thanks for the tips and ideas will surely give it a try!


    Vivek Parmar

    that’s a new one for me. will look forward to get it something for me from there



    dear peter is the fiverr legit site ??



    Good post thanks so much…


    Plymouth Roofer

    I’ve just put my first gig at fiverr. Your post is useful information to make more than $4. Thank you


    Harsh Agrawal

    Do let us know when you make your first income via Fiverr.


    Charleen Larson

    I’m not sure I understand your point about the premium themes.

    I use Elegant Themes, and I can tell you there are frequent updates, especially after the tim thumb dust-up a few months ago. I’d think you run the risk of your buyers coming back to you, demanding updates.



    Well yes, being creative and utilizing the skills does really helps a lot to earn better. Thanks Peter for this useful info :)



    Can I sell the premium wordpress themes at fiverr at a lesser price than actual market cost ?
    or would it be a wrong tact?


    Joann Moann

    I just started at Fiverr. Was just wondering why the pay was $4, but I guess they have to keep a dollar for themselves.


    Madhav R

    Peter gr8 post.. Actually i was making action plan to work on these gig sites to make some money . And find some more passive income sources over interenet.

    Your post is like guide post for my journey , Thanks for sharing your experience



    Its nice idea about the WordPress themes you are telling about. But is that completely legal, if I sell a premium theme won’t I get into any trouble later?


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