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    How to Make More Money with Helium

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    Do you want to make money by freelance article writing? If yes, then Helium is probably one of the best freelance article writing websites for a beginner to earn money. Any freelance writer can boost his/her money right from the start by writing on helium, where knowledge rules! As they claim.

    This article is based on my personal experience with helium.com. I have been a part of helium for almost 4 months. Then, I got some bigger things to do.

    It is easy for writers to be published and the rules are not so stiff. For as long as you know your grammar and where to put the periods, commas, colons, semi-colons and other punctuations, and for as long as you know what you are talking about and you are not writing something to ruin anybody or a company or a site and for as long as you are not using indecorous language, you can get published in Helium easily and make MONEY.

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    So, what this article is all about? It is not just about to introduction of Helium. This article intends to provide you some quick tips to get most from your writings in the top earning niche at the end of the month. By going through this article, you can easily pass the Minimum payment threshold in a few days only, let alone the whole month.

    Let me make it clear, this article provides calculations based on the 50 articles written during the first month. That is a normal amount even for a part time writers. Like any other website including Associated Content, Suite101, ehow etc., beginners on helium find it difficult to understand the earning tactics.

    Helium pays upfront payments, empty title bonus, revenue share, and off course many other methods are available for experienced and professional writers like writing contest, market place etc. However, I am going to emphasize on empty title bonuses, upfront payments, and revenue shares only because a beginner is not likely to win contests or market place. Beginners will be able to understand the tactics to enter in this area by spending some time on Helium.

    Getting three writing stars in first month:

    You are eligible for first writing star when you have at least four of your articles in a competitive title among your first 16 articles. After that, you need to keep only 10 percent of your articles in competitive titles. Competitive title means a title with at least three articles written on them. Write your first four articles to any competitive titles with only two articles written on them so far so that your own article makes it a competitive title by raising the total articles on that title to three (including your own article). Writing on these titles with fewer competent will raise your chance to be at the top among three and get good writing scores. Writers grab second writing star when they reach 30 articles in total. However, if they have writing score at or more than 85 percent they will be able to get a bonus star based on their score…  Now by writing to those titles that have only a few articles written on them and giving extra effort on these articles will definitely make a beginner able to keep writing score more than 85 percent easily to get three writing stars. Coming paragraphs will discuss upfront channels.

    Empty title bonuses:

    Articles written to empty titles earn 1 dollar each as empty title bonus. All other articles should be written to empty titles but only in those channels that are eligible for upfront payments because this will give you opportunity to earn not only empty title bonus but also upfront payments.

    Top earning channels:

    Helium pays Upfront Payments only for the first five articles written to a title in an eligible channel. Eligible channels mean all channels except Creative Writing, Politics, News & Issues, Religion & Spirituality, Society & Lifestyle, Entertainment, The Recipes sub-channel (and its sub-channels) within the Food & Drink channel, The main “Other” channel and All articles written to Debate titles. Avoid writing to these channels as a beginner with the aim of earning money. Upfront payment rules based on writing stars are as follows.

    1 Writing Star – $0.50 per article published

    2 Writing Star – $1.00 per article published

    3 Writing Star – $1.50 per article published

    4 Writing Star – $2.00 per article published

    5 Writing Star – $2.50 per article published

    Therefore, at the end of month you should have at least six out of your 50 articles in Competitive titles of channels with Upfront Payments eligibility and the rest of your articles are in empty titles only.

    Now. let us calculate what a beginner is earning who keeps all the rules mentioned above.

    6 competitive articles in channels that are eligible for upfront payments with scores more than 85 percent earn 9 dollars.

    Similarly, 44 articles written to empty titles earn 44 dollars as empty title bonus in addition to 66 dollars as upfront payments (44*1.5 based on 3 writing stars).

    Helium is a peer-reviewed website for rating the articles that also gives you opportunity to get 3 dollars bonus if you have 5 rating stars at the end of the month. It is not difficult at all to grab 5 rating stars. Rate 15-20 articles daily to get five rating stars and earn 3 dollars bonus.

    Consequently, you have 9+44+66+3=122 dollars during first month at helium. Is it bad considering that you are writing for just 1-2 hours a day? Revenue share for your articles based on the page views will also produce 3-5 dollars for your articles during one Month.

    This is a quite handy amount for working part time on helium. No other site has the potential to give you this kind of opportunity especially if you are not a U.S.A resident. The potential is immense if you develop some tactics of SEO and you are good at creating backlinks and social marketing of your articles.

    You will also learn the tactics to win writing contest and market places at helium by spending some time to boost earrings to 300-400 dollars or even higher a month.

    Needs some inspiration ? Go to helium forum and check out some experienced heluim writers earning tons of money.

    Got a question? Comment below and I’ll follow up soon.

    This is a guest post by Rizwan who blogs at Irnovo. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.


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    Quiet interesting


    Digital Bunch

    From last 5 months I’ve been using Associated Content for article freelancing. But now I probably try Helium for decent earnings.

    How much they pay for each article posted?



    Wow, looks like it’s a little complicated to write on Helium, especially if you want to make some good money out of the writings. Anyway, thanks for the introduction to Helium, it’s a good place to make some part time income.


    Rizwan Noor

    Feels complicated but if you act smartly, you can make much more than other websites. I had a very good experience with Helium and folks are making really good money there.



    Sounds good! I love making part time money online, who doesn’t right? :)



    well done!!! defiantly something new that i can learn from this obviously had no idea about this thing before.
    my question is what is the maximum numbers of articles you can write there? i mean is there any limit or you are just put under a job to write the required number of articles?


    Rizwan Noor

    No limits Bilal. Check this monster
    He has written over 5000 articles there! and making tons of dollars!



    thats epic
    thanks for the info rizwan. keep the good work coming


    Zeeshan Siddiqui

    If Elton impressed you. Rachelle will blow your mind away! She has almost 50 contests ($50 Prize money each) and sold over 42 marketplace articles ($3-$25 per article). Also she is the Channel Manager/ Category Manager of 4 channels/categories! This lady is the Super Heliumite!



    Helium is probably a great platform for newbies, thanks for sharing this article, now freelance writer have one more options to earn more money.


    Hans Raj Hans

    yes, some of my friends also writing for Helium…but only one got 2 * article ….may be it is good to spend time in freelance writing services but Helium is also good..
    Needful post Rizwan…Thanks for sharing..


    Prem pandit


    Great. one more way to make more money on internet.This great Idea is great.



    I think they promote their users with false earnings so that everyone can participate in that,well Great post ,will try that


    Vijayraj Reddy

    good share, i will try Helium and hope to earn some money from it…


    Kunal @ AndroidHogger

    Must give a try !
    This one is with beautiful new concept.



    Well i have 200s of articles on web. Out of only 10-20 makes some money and only 4-5 makes most of the money. Means all other are massive failure. I earned around $800 from all these in last two years. But i need to make all this amount in one month.

    I just need 50 more articles which makes money.



    Good news but since I am the beginner, it sounds there are many things to understand.

    I just have a quick question, to get the first $100, to write 44 articles, is there any requirement on number of words? and how much hours you spent to write for the first month?

    hope you can give us more details on this.


    Rizwan Noor

    Yes there is a limit. You have to write at least 400 words per article. And potential is always there if you participate in writing contests.
    I am surprised that no one hear knows about Helium. This site is around us for about 8 years and have Alexa rank of 1200 last time I checked.


    Maninder @HackTik.com

    Thanx Rizwan for sharing this information about Helium though I think, I really need to read this posts over and over again to clearly understand a bit complex methodology of making money with Helium. Thanx for taking time out to put up all here.


    Fatima Ebrahim

    Wow this is mind blowing. A new world has opened its doors. I must have been living in the dark ages, never new there are other possibilities of making money. Technology has taken over. My small brain cant comprehend all this. Thanks for sharing. Yoh you guys can write.


    Zeeshan Siddiqui

    I’m glad people are benefiting from Helium.com. Its comparatively easier than many other paid-to-write websites. But I’m sorry to say some of the info here is outdated. There have been changes in empty title bonuses. They are no longer available. Revenue sharing, contests and ‘Assignments’ are the new ways you can earn on helium.com. I’ve earned in all from 71 articles till date a total of 391.74$. I leave the maths to you. I’m coming up further details, proofs and insights about writing on my website soon. Cheers.


    ajay s bisht

    this is great for part time authors,wishing to share their knowledge..but for professional bloggers i guess they need to concentrate on their blog..


    sai charan reddy

    Just entered to Helium. First time I have heard about helium
    Thank you Quite intresting


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