How to Make Money for Your Blog Expenditure

Make Money For Blog Expenditure

If you are dreaming to earn with your blog, you must invest something to get success. Without investment no one can make profit from their blog. May be someone earning without investment but, it will take long time to achieve specific goal. Time to time, you have to invest for your blog to promote or maintenance. So, you must have extra money to spend it in right place.

Here I have main points that you should follow to make extra money for your blog expenditure.

Make Extra money for Blog expenses:

Use Your Skill

Make money for BlogIf you are one of the experienced bloggers, then you must have some specific skill something about blogging and customization. There are many people waiting for your help. Of course, they will give you reward for your hard work. So, don’t waste your time, start using your skills from now. If you are a veteran blogger, you can always offer blog consultancy or such services which may help budding bloggers to create better blog.


Almost all we know, most of the people are earning online by designing different stuffs as they are making this base for their daily earning. Designing may be in different category like Banner, Logo, Theme, Web and so on. So, why don’t you start designing and earning extra money from there. People pay for your worthy and creative mind!

Online Posting

Now you came to know, Guest Posting is most important in blogging platform. It can bring you huge change in your blogging life and experience. But, you don’t get money by guest posting. You can search for the posting job as many people hire poster for their blog and forum. Place a good bid for your posting job with attractive price. So, that they will know your are professional and experienced.

Think Unique

Don’t you think, making creative mind make you different from other? Yes of course. Thinking Unique and Creative may change your style of blogging and earning online. Almost all of the people love creative things that they as searching for what they need. So, make your own style which attract people more than other.

Providing Services

If you have problem something related to money, then you must do any job that you can earn. Make the new scheme that you can provide simple service with cheaper price as you can. Your blog may helpful to do this action. Providing good service may help you to promote your blog as well. Of course, you can earn by providing good service. Check out ShoutMeloud WordPress Services.

Look for Simple Job

No one can come to you to provide a simple online job, either you have to search for the job that you are skilled on various categories or post on different popular online forums for a job. You will surely get a job by posting on different online webmaster forums. But, don’t try to find a harder job that you can’t do. You should start with low condition works that you can take it easily.

These are some simple ways by which you can make some money online and can cover your blog expenses. Once your blog is established you can always make money directly via advertisement or other sources like paid reviews, affiliate marketing. But before that this tip will help you to survive various costs like Web-hosting, Social media promotion, SEO, Link building, design and so on.

Do share what other work can be done on the initial days of blogging which will help anyone to cover blog expenditure?

This is a guest post by Anup who blogs at HackTutors. If you like to write for Shoutmeloud, do read: Shoutmeloud revenue sharing program.

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Anup is a professional blogger who loves to share his unique techniques to make money online. Check out best ways to make money online.


COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. says

    Yeah! I also do some theme customization in parallel to blogging. It helps a lot because blogging need continuous hard-work to get success and continuous hard-work worth money also :-)

  2. Basant | Techno-Pulse says

    I am using custom domain on blogger. I invested $10 for my domain name & nothing else (except my time & skills) till date. I’ve earned 10 times of what I had invested 8 months back through Google AdSense. A good ROI :)

  3. Aditya says

    Thanks for the tip. I’ve to improve the money I get from my blog. Hasn’t found much of a success yet. It’s a slow procress I am working on it. Good tips anoop thanks for sharing.

  4. Tushar says

    i usually spend on my blog what i have earn from blogosphere from any means like forex, contests and advertising

  5. Dean Saliba says

    I think that I am quite lucky in the fact that I don’t actually pay apart from renewing the domain.

    I never pay for advertising and my brother runs his own hosting company so I get free hosting. :)

  6. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says


    Great points. And I agree. Freelancing can be done in various sites, and the jobs cover a huge range of skills. Some jobs are really simple, while others may be complex. So there is something for everybody.

    And do you mean a high price or a low price by ‘attractive’ in the following sentence:

    “Place a good bid for your posting job with attractive price. So, that they will know your are professional and experienced.”


    • anupviews says

      Hi Nabeel,

      You have guessed right. Most of the buyer search for the lower bid. If you are experienced then, they we’ll be ready to pay higher.

  7. Tech Maish says

    You can also cover your blog expenditures by writing articles for bloggers. You can also guest post on other blogs, but there are some blogger who need articles for there blogs.
    If your writing skill is good and you are expert in your field, then you can earn good money from writing blog posts.

    • anupviews says

      Yeah! I agree with you. Writing blog articles is much important as we can get lots of benefits.

  8. Robin says

    This is the best post because Earning Online doesn’t means only through Blogging but the freelancing is also the best way to earn online. A well populated can help out easily to succeed

  9. John smith says

    Guest posting is really mean for blogger. I will try it in coming days. Activity is very useful. my new site traffic 70% are from comment .
    thanks for share