How to Make your Business Stand Out Online via Pay Per Click Advertising

The Internet is one of the best places to get your business to stand out from the crowd, but it is also one of the most competitive. This is why pay per click advertising is one of the most important online marketing tools available to any business owner. It is the fastest way of making your business popular and lucrative online.

If you own a sportswear store in the center of town, you might be competing with other sportswear stores in the area. However, when online, your sportswear store might have to go into competition with sportswear stores across the country, the continent, or maybe even the world.

PPC advertisement Tips

Learning how to stand out online via PPC advertising is an incredibly important lesson for all business owners in the 21st Century and the rest of this article aims to explain a number of fundamental actions you can take in order to achieve pay per click success and generate a healthy return on investment every month.

How to make most out of PPC Advertising for Better result:

1. Generate effective headlines for your advertisements

The first contact that a potential client or consumer has with your business via pay per click advertising is the initial advertisement that you construct. What’s more, your potential client is going to be paying lots of attention to the headline of your advertisement and comparing that headline not only with other pay per click advertisements on the network search page, but with other natural search advertisements that appear too.

Therefore, when running a pay per click advertising campaign one of the first things you must do is construct a number of winning headlines for your advertisements.

In general, there are three important rules to follow in order to create winning headlines for pay per click advertisements and they are as follows:

a) Use a call-to-action word at the beginning of the headline
b) Ensure that the keyword phrase you have generated this advertisement for is included in the headline
c) Make a particular reference to the kind of customer / client you are hoping to attract.

The first two pieces of advice are fairly self-explanatory. The third perhaps needs a little more clarification.

When deciding what type of Internet user you wish to target via your PPC advertising campaign, you can use your headline to make your ad stand out. If you are targeting women, for example, make sure you indicate this in the headline. If you are reaching out to people on a budget, use words like “discount” and “cheap” in your headline. If you are advertising to people at the forefront of a particular industry, use the word “expert” in your headline.

The ways in which you can reach out to your target audience online via a pay per click advertisement headline are endless, but it is very easy to fail via pay per click if you don’t follow this advice.

2. Select keywords and organize keyword match types after investing in market research

One of the biggest mistakes made by pay per click advertising novices is to select keywords and place those keywords into match types without having done any market research.

Before you choose your keywords, you need to gather information and data on the following:

  • which keywords in your industry are being used by other companies and will therefore be extremely competitive to begin bidding on
  • Whether or not there are long-tail keywords that you can utilize which will bring in highly optimized traffic and cost you very little
  • Whether or not there are keywords that users might enter when searching for a product that has nothing to do with your business but that might trigger one of your advertisements (these will become your negative keywords –  for example, if you own a bakery store and you name it Bluebell Bakery, your business might show up in florist searches unless you make “flowers” and “florist” negative keywords)

There are many other stages that you should go through in the development of effective keyword selection, but these three initial ideas are perhaps the best place to start. The big mistake made, as stated above, is to launch into a pay per click campaign without having done any market research into your audience and how they operate when searching for things on the Internet.

Research must come first. Keyword choice and match type organization are what you do afterwards.

3. Optimize landing pages to match perfectly with your advertisements

If an advertisement states that a business is offering a 30% discount on shoes, then the landing page cannot be a general page covering all the shoes that are available for purchase. It needs to be a dedicated page which only contains the shoes which come under the 30% discount as stated in the advertisement.

It will be very frustrating for the Internet user if he or she arrives to your site, hoping to buy a pair of shoes on a 30% discount, only to find that when they get to the checkout page the shoes that they have selected do not fall under the discount advertised. In fact, it is probable that this Internet user would avoid returning to your site in the future thanks to a bad experience.

Every single pay per click advertisement you run on the Internet must be linked to a carefully constructed and specifically optimized landing page if you want to ensure that your business stands out online.

4. Make use of search network and display network campaigns

The PPC advertisements that you will be able to run on the paid search network are most definitely the right kind of advertisements to run in order to sell your products or your services and increase conversions. However, this does not mean that they are the best way of making your business stand out online.

The difference between a successful business and which will stand the test of time does not lie in sales alone. A business with online weighting and which dominates the online market is a business with a notable brand; a business which is recognized and remembered for the quality of its service.

This is why it is important to run both paid search and display network campaigns when aiming to make your business stand out online. Branding campaigns via the display network allow you to run image and video advertisements and instead of simply selling your product, you can provide information about your business and give reasons why what you offer would interest your target audience.

Sales and loyalty are developed via the display network and it is one of the most effective ways, in the long term, of making your business stand out online via pay per click advertising.

5. Run a specific pay per click campaign for mobile devices

If you intend to make your mark online in the 21st Century, you cannot ignore the need to develop and manage an effective PPC advertising campaign for mobile devices.

More and more people do their Internet research and Internet purchasing from mobile devices while on the move. If your business is not featured on the mobile device advertising network, you are placing yourself at a distinct disadvantage from the very beginning.

Your website, your landing pages and your advertisements need to be configured and designed to suit mobile devices and smaller screens. Scrolling on a mobile device is a real drag and you will need to look at ways of best avoiding the need for Internet users to do anything other than click, click and click again in order to make their payment.

6. Consult a pay per click management expert or outsource your marketing needs completely

If the management of a pay per click advertising campaign appears to be daunting, this is no reason to abandon the idea. Your business needs a pay per click advertising campaign in order to make a mark online and you need to ensure that what your business needs is delivered.

Therefore, contact a pay per click management company for information. There are companies which work as consultants to give you helpful advice when you need it and there are other companies which take on the full responsibility of your pay per click campaigns too. Decide what kind of support you need and then do your research well before choosing one and signing a contract.

It is best to do some independent research into the companies you are thinking about hiring via registered and recognized authorities, such as the Better Business Bureau. You can also think about finding out whether or not the pay per click management company is Google AdWords Qualified, because not all companies are and some pay per click management experts are not as “expert” as they would have you believe.

The most important thing is to do your research and get your PPC advertising campaign running as soon as possible. It is one of the best ways of making your business stand out online. Do not delay any further.

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