How to Add A Blog To Existing Or New Website?

Add A Blog To Website
I have talked a lot about Advantages of blogging and small guide for Business Blog in the past. Today, I will be talking about one of the important blogging question for a business Blog. If you have a Website and you have not integrated a Blog yet, you are missing out a hell lot of free traffic and revenue. Having a Blog along with Website will help you to get organic traffic via Search engines and you can use your article to get extra edge on social media sites. Along with this, you can establish yourself as an expert in your niche. Many businesses who have a Website and still they have not integrated a Blog, they should consider adding it as soon as possible.

Content marketing is one of the best way to drive traffic and it’s incomplete without a Blog. Now, when ever I talk about Blog, my preferred platform is WordPress. WordPress is not only easy to use but for Blogging it has many advantages which we have outlined before. In this guide, I will be telling you ways to integrate blog into your Website. There are few possibilities:

  • You have an Existing Website
  • You want to start a new Website along with a Blog
  • You transfer your Existing Website to WordPress platform.

I will be suggesting you what to do, depending upon all three possibilites and depending upon your current Website situation, you can pick anything that fits your need.

How to add a Blog to your Business Website?

Integrating Blog into an existing Website:

Lets assume you have an existing Website which is and you are looking forward to add a Blog to your Website. The easiest way to do is, have a Blog in sub directory. Something like This is easy and most convinient way when you don’t want to mess up with your existing Website. If your existing Webhosting company support WordPress platform, then you can quickly install it by referring to these two guides:

Now, if your Webhosting company doesn’t support WordPress, you can pick Bluehost or Hostgator as your Webhost and move your site to new hosting and install WordPress in sub directory (

For a New Website:

Now, if you are just starting yourself with online presence and gifting your business with a new Website, you are the safest situation here. You can have a blog in main domain by using static page as your Homepage. Most of the WordPress developers knows how to do it, and if you are more like someone who wants to DIY, you can refer to my earlier guide for the same:

When ever I give consultancy to any business client, I always prefer this method, as this gives the maximum SEO advantages. More over, having your Website on WordPress will help you to quickly make content changes without the help of your developer. It’s give you more power of self editing and over the time, with a proper content strategy you can establish yourself as good guys in Search engines.

Transfer Existing Website into WordPress:

Now, if you have a 4-5 page existing Website, you can migrate your Website to WordPress platform. You can use  htaccess codes to redirect your old links to new links and like I mentioned above, you can utilize the power of static homepage in WordPress to have a Blog and WordPress in main domain.

If you have tons of content on existing Website, it might be a little SEO issues as 301 redirection doesn’t gurantee complete link juice to pass on to new links. But, if you have few links you can easily do the migration and integrate both WordPress blog and Website on your main domain.

Few mistakes to Avoid for your Business Blog:

Today, I was talking to one of my Real estate client and she was telling me she has two blogs on different domains. One is hosted on free blog and other was installed on some different domain to promote their main Website. Honestly, there is nothing wrong with this approach but the advantages which you get by having a blog on your main domain, is not the same. Having a Blog in other domain, doesn’t give that much SEO advantages and more over you miss out a great opportunity of branding and establishing your brand as a niche expert. I have already published a WordPress Guide, which will help you to get started with WordPress blogs.

So let me know which method you prefer to have a Blog on your Website? Do let me know if you have any question regarding the same.

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Nizam Khan says

    Excellent post! As mentioned the easiest way to have a blog in a website is to install the blog in the sub directory, and if the hosting provider has WordPress then it will become more convenient for installation. Thanks Harsh for sharing this info :)

  2. Rajeesh Nair says

    Hi Harsh,

    Good post and in good time. Now I have a client having 4 websites all on .Net platform and not PHP. Besides that all of them are hosted on Windows server, so is it possible that they can have WordPress blog installed in their sub-directory or sub-domain?

    I have read its possible in WordPress forums, but would like to know from an expert. Please let me know.

  3. david says

    Hi Harsh, these are great ideas on how to move forward with a wordpress blog.

    I think it really is confusing for webmasters who have existing static sites to figure out what to do. The ideas you provide above will work for them. They are simple ideas but powerful.