How to Link YouTube with your Adsense Account

Last time Vikarm informed you about YouTube partnership program which is a smart ways to make money from home. All you need to do is, create interesting videos, screencasts and upload it on Youtube. Once you have done it, you can use this link and enable monetisation of Youtube on your account.

Enable Youtube Monetization

I’m very sure many of you must have applied for the same to monetize your upload videos on YouTube. Here I’m sharing how you can link your YouTube account with your adsesne account.

Once YouTube will approve your application, you will get an Email to accept terms and link your adsense account. If you use Gmail login for YouTube, you can still link any other adsense account with your YouTube account.

This is the screenshot of first Email from YouTube after application is approved:

youtube-partnershipWhen you will click on Tutorial Completion and Contract, you will be taken to page where you have to read and click on next. After reading all the terms, you will be taken to Content licensing and VOD agreement page. Accept the policies and on the next page you will be taken to add Adsense login ID, last 5 digit of your phone number and Pin code.


Granting access to YouTube from Google Adsense account:

Login to your Google adsense account and you will see a notification saying, “You have requested to use AdSense on a partner website. In order to earn revenue on their site, you’ll need to grant them access to your AdSense account”.


Click on review account access and grant access to YouTube.


Once you have done all the above mentioned steps, you will get an Email asking you to verify the access of YouTube to your adsense account. Once you approves it, it will take some time before Adsense ads will start displaying on your uploaded YouTube videos.

I hope this tutorial will help all those who are planning to monetize YouTube videos using Adsense. You can connect with me on YouTube @denharsh.

Do let us know if you are using Adsense for YouTube videos or not? Or are you planning to do some video screen cast for your readers in future?

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  1. says

    This post is great. But, I wanted to know something about google adsense. I made a youtube channel three days ago & uploaded two videos. Now, I want to set up google adsense in my channel. Can I apply for adesnse?

  2. Max says

    If i have a for example 1000 dollar from my YouTube views, can i get that money after i connecting the AdSense account to the YouTube!? or i have to associate my YouTube to the AdSense from the beginning.

  3. says

    is it possible to intergrate adsense code on youtube videos without partnership.i mean if i have approved adsense with my i need to apply for partnership or i am ready to intergrate code.

  4. Prashant bharti says

    I have a Hosted adsence account through Youtube, when i apply ( 1 year ago) for my site it rejected. Now i want to create full adsence account through same name and different website. Is it possible to getting approved new adsence account ( not Hosted) for my new site which is created 4 months ago.

  5. says

    Hi Harsh, i have a doubt

    My adsense has been disapproved, but my youtube videos are accepted for monetization.. where should i check those earnings?

  6. Aman Bansal says

    This is going to be the most important key for my carrier as I am shifting to YouTube. I am at the initial stage now and these will definitely help me to earn money through youtube adsense program.

  7. Ben says

    Hi, I started uploading my videos only for a time pass. So I don’t care about the messages from youtube in the begining. step by step I get permission to upload more than 15 minutes. Live streaming of videos, thumb nail selection. Actually I’m a youtube partner now. But I don’t have any idea about adsense account. How I get payment. Please search” dhanyam creations ” in youtube. Youtube already posted advertisement for most of the videos. How i get payment.

  8. Anubhab says

    I am sure a lot of hard work should have gone behind generating such revenue . Is there any minimum requirement for getting it approved from google?

  9. Dana says

    Thanks for the info and tutorial. I just know that we can integrate AdSense on YouTube. I think it will a great source for AdSense income since YouTube video tend to be going viral.

  10. Saugat says

    Hi Harsh.
    First of all congratulation for Youtube partnership. I have small question for you. I am using different Gmail account for Youtube and Adsense. Will this create problem on linking account. My account has already be approved for uploading video for than 15 minutes. Just planning to apply after some month. I am just confuse on different Gmail account.

    • says

      Saugat that’s the best part.. You can link any adsense account despite of what Email address adsense is linked to :). So you can apply anytime and enjoy making money from your ads.

      • Sathish @ TechieMania says

        That would be fantastic. I don’t have whether I can get approved for their partnership program, but I will give it a try. BTW $34 adsense earnings in one day. Man you are making heck a lot of money AdSense. Amazing :)

      • Ab says

        I just want to ask you that are there any limits like how many views I have on my videos or subscribes etc to have an account on ad sense.

  11. FirstHosting says

    nice guide but on first line you must replace your with you..
    here : Last time we informed your about YouTube partnership program…

    its a mistake.

  12. Geet | HobbyPainting says

    Something new for me. I am planning to apply for AdSense in March. I’ll refer this You Tube integration know how…Would like to hear more about it…like CTR on YouTube etc…

  13. Jagan Mangat says

    Thats Cool but you might be having much more views of your youtube videos.
    I am uploading several videos to You tube and this adsense integration might be helpful for me.
    Thanks and Good Luck for YouTube videos.

  14. drvikram008 says

    Congrats Mr Harsh for getting YouTube Partnership, I am also enjoying it, after getting account approved as a partner, you need to manually submit each video to enable advertisements over it. Mr Harsh you have not uploaded banners in your branding options, you do that, it will make your channel more beautiful.

  15. Tuan@Tech News says

    Wow, that’s great. I heard that it is very difficult to get applied for the Youtube partnership.
    Congrats, mate.