How to Let Others Contribute Videos to your YouTube Channel?

Video marketing is one of the most popular form of marketing, and it’s not only have potential to go viral, but it also helps in improving the online visibility of your brand. Youtube being one of the most popular free video hosting site, is the best place to start with your video marketing efforts. As a blogger, you might got into this situation, when you wanted another users to have rights to submit videos to your  Youtube channel, and only way to get it done is by sharing your YouTube channel username and password with the other user. Needless to say, this adds potential security risk for your account, and you might not be very comfortable doing this.

Specially, when your YouTube account is also linked to Gmail account, giving someone access to YouTube account means, he has access to all your Google properties. I’m sure in near future, YouTube will add feature like Contributor and roles, which will solve the problem, but for now we have one more solution to this problem, and that is YouTube direct lite.

YouTube Direct Lite : Let other users submit videos to YouTube Channel

YouTube direct lite is an old project and it’s been live for long time. Probably video marketing is usually done by big companies, that’s why YouTube direct doesn’t get too many mentions. It was created for news agencies to give access to users to submit user generated videos. The idea is simple:

A user get a web based interface to submit videos, which will be uploaded to Youtube on your channel. You will have to moderate the video before it goes live, and you can specifiy on which playlist, this video will go live.

You Tube direct lite offers two ways to embed video uploader on your site:

  • Self hosted : You host the CSS, HTML, JS on your site and idle for users with their own hosting.
  • Using reference method: You just need to embed iframe code on your webpage, and video uploaded widget will let anyone upload the video.

I tried the second method, and it’s very simple to use. Here I will outline, how you can use the reference method to add video uploder widget on your blog:

  • Go to this page, and login with your YouTube id.
  • You can either create a new playlist, or select from an existing playlist, where video will be uploaded.
  • After selecting the playlist, you will get the iCode frame which you need to add on your webpage, where you wish to add video uploaded. If you are using WordPress, simply add new post or page, go to HTML mode and paste the code. You also get code to embed the complete playlist on the webpage.
  • Here is a screenshot of Youtube video uploader added on a Web-page

Youtube direct lite

I could think of many uses of Youtube direct lite project from blogging and marketing point of view, and here are some of them:

  • If you are working in a team, or hired someone to create videos for you, with Youtube direct lite, you can let other user to upload videos to your playlist without giving access to your Youtube account. You can embed the code on a private web page, and share the webpage link with your team member.
  • You can run a user generated content video contest, and use YT direct lite to let users submit their videos.
  • If you have a great community around your blog, you can let user upload their talent using this method.
  • For news blog/Channels you can let user submit breaking news videos, which generally goes viral.

There are few problems also associated with this method, and one of them is authenticity of videos. You can probably ask your readers to add certain word (brand name) in the video, to authenticate it’s created for you. You can get more detail about this project here.

Do let me know how you are sharing your YouTube account with other users? If you find this article interesting, do consider sharing it on Facebook and Google plus.

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  1. Nizam Khan says

    Excellent and much useful post Harsh! Well, I never heard of this feature, but this seems to be very interesting and useful. Yes agreed, it’s great to run a user generated video contest and let users submit their videos and if one has great blog community, then it’s an awesome way to let users showcase their talent with this excellent feature. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)