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    How to Keep Your Traffic Stable When You Change Your Domain

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    You may or may not know, getting a top-level domain is important in making your blog more better and great. Sites like Google Adsense and Buy Sell Ads accept only sites which have custom domains. So, there are many chances that you would want to change your domain name but many people are scared to upgrade to a paid domain because they think that the domain might take their current traffic and the new domain would be left without any traffic or anything which will result in the wastage of your money. To make sure that you are not effected with the problem of less-traffic at your new domain, I have written this post which will guide you how to keep your traffic stable when you change your domain name.

    domain name 550x214 How to Keep Your Traffic Stable When You Change Your Domain

    1. Post an update on your previous site

    This will help if your previous site is getting huge hits. Publish a new post informing and announcing to people that you have moved to a new domain. That’s it. Now, the visitors would see the update and would visit your site with the new domain. By chance they forget the new domain name, they can always visit the older one to see the new one. One thing you need to make sure, never delete the old domain name just after you set up the new one. Let the new one get famous and then you can take your actions you want to the old domain name.

    2. Redirection

    Of course, if you are on blogger and after the domain change you are staying on Blogger or any top blogging platform, you have the opportunity of re-directing your free domain to the new one. You can also use the 301 redirection technique to re-direct your domain to the new domain if hosting on a new hosting. If you are unknown to 301 Redirection technique, you can hire an experienced person for yourself to do the required work. Even though you will lose a few bucks but it will result in your own good and that would be done without worries.

    3. Promotion and Marketing

    You can never take this step out of the list. Whenever you launch the new site, of course you need to tell it to your friends, family and the target audience. That’s when promotion and marketing comes into the play. You need to promote your new domain name with your friends wherever you want. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ can help you a lot in these cases. Promote your new domain and you may get the same amount of visits that you got on your previous domain. The process is a little slow so you might have to wait a little for this tip to get in work.

    Those were the three tips that will tell you how to keep your traffic stable when you change your domain name. Was this post helpful? What are your opinions about it? Do comment.

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    Great advice..I’m sure will follow this guide if I have to change my blog domain..


    Sandeep Singh

    That is why it is recommended to start on a domain if you wan to get in professionally.



    Sir i have a doubt and query.

    Recently Google stops the indexing of co.cc sites in the search engine. i having one blog and using co.cc account. how to redirect co.cc pages to blogger pages now?



    What about the inbound links associated with it’s previous domain. Do you have any idea how we can manage these links.



    Those are the fundamental things that must be followed. For me I would not redirect it immediately but rather just have my readers read my announcement post first. I would stick that out for maybe a couple of weeks and then after that I would redirect.



    Hey Vinavak,

    Thanks for the info I’ve been thinking of changing my domain on one of my sites. This information gives me food for thought.


    fazal mayar

    good post, i changed my domain a few months ago and I havent lost all the traffic but ive lost a bit of traffic cuz i de-indexed some posts of my old blog but a 301 riderect is installed.


    Eric Murphy

    Thanks For the great information shared here. its good for me because I want to change the domain of one of my site. Many thanks for the author.


    Trung Nguyen

    Very useful article, thanks for share./.


    Vinayak Nagri

    @Ponmalar Follow the short tutorial given below.
    1. Go to the settings of your “Blogger” blog.
    2. Go to “Publishing”.
    3. Switch to “blogspot.com” by using the link given on the top.
    4. Save settings.
    I hope that helped.



    Well I would never look for changing a domain that has good traffic and not recommend the same. I know if you do so you will be loosing your rank, traffic and your $$$ as well.



    I don’t feel domain change is a good idea.. but when it is necessary surely this idea will be helpful.. nice post..thanks for sharing :)



    Well one of my blogspot is getting 50k page views per month. What will happen when i will change to domain name. I will loose ranking.


    Andrew @ Blogging Guide

    I am so impressed with all the ideas here. Traffic is something we should not neglect because it is the life of every site…



    thanks for sharing this great post i want to change my domain name but i don’t want to loos my high traffic of my blog. your idea will be helpful for me to change my domain name.


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