How to Keep your Facebook Group Secret

Many of us today use Facebook’s Groups to chat, share and email our friends. Bloggers are using Facebook groups for social media link exchange, cross promotion and talking about any niche topic. For whatever reason we may be creating groups, at times we tend to forget about the privacy settings for the group resulting in everyone on our friends list and Facebook being able to access the content of the group. There might have been a situation when information you wanted to keep private was shared unintentionally on the news feed of everyone in your friends list and anyone using Facebook were able to join the group and access this information. Those who have faced this problem; there’s always been a very simple solution to this.

Facebook’s bag of privacy settings has a little trick that lets you to hide not just the group’s activities but it’s very existence. To configure this setting you must be the admin for the group. By default the admin of the group is the person who created the group or a member who has been given the admin privileges by the group’s creator.

If you have already created a group or you an admin of a group and wish to edit its privacy settings, go to the group’s home page and click ‘Edit Group’ in the upper right corner. You can change the setting to Open, Closed and Secret.



If you are creating a new group, then you must click on ‘Create Group’ on the left side of your Facebook page. At the bottom of little dialog box that pops up there’s a menu button with the following privacy options:


Open Group: An open group is fully visible to the rest of Facebook. The information shared on this group is open to everyone who wishes to join the group.

Closed Group: People can see this group exists but they cannot read its content unless they are added to it by any of the members of that group.

Secret Group: Secret Group on Facebook does exactly what its name suggests. Members of a secret group on Facebook cannot share their status updates from within the group to their personal feeds. They cannot share the content of the group elsewhere. No member of Facebook will be able to find the group. Facebook treats the secret groups as if it never existed. This is the epitome of privacy on Facebook where all conversations take place in complete privacy and you can trust that none of confidential information will be leaked elsewhere on its own.

There’s no need to revert back to email. You can continue your conversations secretly and safely on your secret group of Facebook.

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  1. says

    I have tested a secret group member sharing a post from a so called secret group and Facebook does share the post to the users timeline and can confirm that friends who are not in the group can see it. This is plainly not as intended.

  2. Reshab @Free Genuine Softwares says

    That’s really helpful.. Thanks for the post Kwok.. Is there any way to stop others adding me in groups without my permission ?

    • KwokFist says

      Currently the functionality of approving a group membership is not available in Facebook groups.

  3. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Well I have used this trick already for one of my facebook group. Anyway, thanks for sharing this tutorial with us.

    P.S.: Who wrote this article? The author name is missing!

  4. Jitendra Singh says

    Great second post very soon to the previous post.

    Ok so post is nice .. but can you tell me what would be the difference between if i create a page and group ?