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How to Integrate Google Page Speed with W3 Total Cache

How to Integrate Google Page Speed with W3 Total Cache

Earlier I wrote about How to configure W3 Total cache and also about Google Page speed. Latest version of W3 total cache allow you to integrate with Google page speed to see the performance of your site. Faster your site is, better it’s for search engine ranking.

In this guide, I will be sharing how to enable Google page speed inside W3 total cache. I assume, you must have installed w3 Total cache plugin. In case, if new to W3 total cache, it’s a powerful caching plugin for WordPress, which helps in faster loading of your site.

Once you have installed W3 total cache, go to settings and below you will find a tab Misc. >Enable Google page speed dashboard. You need to get page speed API to enable this feature.

How to get Google page speed API?

Go to Google API homepage and login with your Google ID. Search for the option “Page speed online API” and switch it on.

Now click on API access tab on the left sidebar and you will see your API key. (Don’t share you API key with anyone else).

Copy the Google API key to W3 total cache settings and save settings.  It might take some time, to see the result on your dashboard.

This is very useful feature and will help you to see how your site is performing and you can take action to speed your website.

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Do let us know which WordPress cache plugin are you using for your blog? Are you a super cache plugin user or W3 total cache?

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  • Maninder

    Its a nice feature to integrate page speed from within W3 TC. However, to keep things simpler and faster, it is better to use it from within webmaster tools only.

  • Dinesh Verma

    What about the limit (250/day)?

  • Suresh Khanal

    I’m having only 84% page speed. Is it Okay range or should I work further. I could not enable minify as it conflict with the theme CSS and jquery gallary, could you please suggest anything for this?

  • Ifham khan

    Easiest way to monitor google page speed API

  • Amit

    Good information..
    I’ve activated google page speed on dream-host, should I activate page-speed by w3 total cache also.
    Should I use this on both ?

  • rakesh

    So don’t You think it will add extra load time on the site?

  • rakesh

    I am little bit confused, How it is more useful than the normal Google page speed.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      It’s the same thing, the only benefit is by adding API, you can see page speed graph right on dashboard and than you can optimize your blog for faster loading time.


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