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    How to Integrate Google analytic with Facebook Fan Page

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    If you own a blog or a site, I am sure that you would be having a Facebook page. Facebook fan page helps in branding and it also helps getting traffic from Facebook. If you have not created fan page yet for your blog, read: How to create Facebook fan page?. Have you ever wanted to know, how much traffic you are getting on your Facebook page ? From which part of the world is your page getting more traffic ?

    For this purpose you can even use the Facebook insights, which allow you to view a the stats of your Facebook page in a systematic way. But insights has very limited features and does not offer the amount of details that you can get from Google Analytics.

    Integrating Google Analytics with your Facebook page is really simple and the plugin that makes it simple is called Facebook Google Analytics Tracker.

    Here is a quick tutorial describing how to integrate Facebook Fan page with Google analytics:

    Create a Google Analytics Account

    If you do not have a Google account, then you can sign up for one and then use it to login into Google Analytics, if you have an existing Google account then you can use the same to login.

    mjnewwebsiteprofile1 550x383 How to Integrate Google analytic with Facebook Fan Page

    Create google analytics profile for facebook page

    Now you have to create a new profile for your Facebook page. Simply add either the url of your Facebook fan page or just Facebook.com in the url field.

    After adding the profile, Google analytics will give you a tracking id which will be something like UA-12025454-8.

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    Add your tracking code to your facebook page

    Now this task can be tedious and irritating due to JavaScript issues with Facebook, but to simplify this job, FBGAT comes to our rescue.

    Facebook Google Analytics Tracker is a free tool which creates a custom code which you can add to your Facebook profile and activate your Analytics profile.

    How to setup FBGAT

    • Download the FBGAT script for its official page.
    • Extract the content of the zip file into a folder.
    • Upload that folder to the public_html directory of your domain.

    Now, FBGAT is ready to use and can easily be accessed by going to the url your script was uploaded to.

    For example if the script was uploaded to the public_html directory of http://shoutmeloud.com/fbgat, where fbgat was the name of the folder you uploaded.

    Now that you know how to setup the FBGAT. Here is what you need to do next.

    FBGAT 550x532 How to Integrate Google analytic with Facebook Fan Page

    Facebook Google analytics tracker

    The stuff that you would need to add is:

    • Analytics code : This is the analytics tacking id that you receive when you created the profile.
    • Domain : You have to enter Facebook.com or your facebook page URL. Whichever you entered while setting up the Google analytics profile.
    • Page link : URL of your Facebook page.
    • Page Title: Title of your Facebook page.

    Now just click the Generate code button and you will get a custom code which you can use instead of the Google Analytics tracking code to track your Facebook visitors.

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    Add code to Facebook page

    You can use the Static FBML app to add the code to your Facebook page. This app allows you to add HTML to your Facebook page. Just place the code that you generated using FBGAT in the last step at the bottom.

    That’s it, now you just need to wait for about 24 hours to let your google analytics to verify your tracking code and start tracking.

    What is your opinion on this? Do you think it will be any help if you could track the significant areas of your Facebook page and optimize your Facebook page for the kind of traffic you are getting? Do share your views with us.

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    Prabal @ Price Arena

    Thats great we can even track facebook page. Google Analytics are my favorite. Thanks for sharing.



    You’re welcome Prabal…;)


    Vijayraj Reddy

    we can use Google Analytics in fan page also? i did not know that…



    Well now you do!


    Siju George

    Thanks Karan. It is a nice idea to integrate my FB page with Google analytics. Let me follow the steps you provided.


    Geet | HobbyPainting

    I was not aware that we can track FB fan page using GA :) A good share indeed.



    Thanks for sharing this great Tutorial Karan.


    Kamal Patel

    Excellent…..I will surely try this.
    Thanks for share such a great information. Keep it up buddy..!!



    Nice tutorial Karan.



    Thanks aks.


    Roy Scribner

    This is great information, Karan – it looks easy to do, too – thanks!


    Akash Padhiyar

    Nice and Useful article ..



    I’ve uploaded files to server, however, when I put in the url to where it’s located I get this error: A file permissions error has occurred. Please check the permissions on the script and the directory it is in and try again.

    What should the file permissions be set to?
    Thanks for your help



    Try setting the permissions to 777.
    That way you’ll be able to enable all the three functions: read/write/execute .
    Just try it and tell us if it works.



    In my case the permissions were set to 755.


    Reshab | GetFree.in

    Cool post Karan… I’m surely gonna try this…



    Thanks for the tutorial Karan!!!



    nice post man. this is new. didn’t had any idea about this.



    Nice and informative article. I will try this out soon.



    @everyone-Thank you for commenting.


    Rahul @ MazaKaro

    Creating a facebook fan page is absolutely needed for this kind of online business , i do advice everyone to make one. Social media has became a way to promote advertise and even sell and buy !!!!! thank you for sharing this for everybody !!


    Virtual Avatar

    Thanks Karan! I will be integrating Analytics soon :). Do you have any more tips for facebook fan pages maybe?


    Karan labra

    Do share your stats with us!



    Great tip.

    Will try this today and start tracking it.


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