How to Create Cpanel Account in WHM (VPS)

I recently bought one knownhost VPS account and realize there are not much guide available on the internet for basic process here. And I’m sure I’m going to learn here a lot, so I have planned what ever I will learn here I will share with you. This way if in future you also need to migrate to VPS or any reseller webhosting account, this guide will help you. Usually WHM interface will be same in all the hosting. In this guide I will be taking example of knownhost VPS hosting.

If you are planning to get into Webhosting business, most of Webhosting offers WHM or Plesk to resellers. Out of the, WHM is very popular and with few clicks, you ca create cPanel account for new customers. You can do various things like putting bandwidth limit, storage limit and many other configuration options. Though, in this tutorial, I will be covering basics steps which will help you to get started. I also recommend you to read the official guide guide on WHM here.

Step by step guide to create a Cpanel account via WHM

So, I assume you have purchased your VPS with WHM or reseller account and your Webhosting company have provided you with login. So, here we go:

Login to your WHM account and click on account functions > Create New account

After Clicking on Create new account under account function option of Cpanel, Enter the details of new domain in Domain information. Same username and password will be used to access your cpanel here.

Next option is Package. Here you can limit the quota for that account. You can create a new list or if you have created a list earlier, you can easily manage from here. In this case I will create a new package. Follow the screenshot which will explain everything.

I’m creating a new package name chromoz here and after this I will be assigning the quota here for the newly created package chromoz.

You can specify no. of addon domains here. By no. of addon domains means, how many domain this cpanel account can host. So if you are configuring cpanel for a client, you can keep it as per your discussion. You can make changes as per your need. Next step is relatively easy. You can assign skin, language, IP and Reseller setting, name server setting.

To be honest , while moving to VPS I was worried, for an instance it seems as a rocket science to me, but thanks to Knownhost customer support which made everything easier for me. I’m sure this guide will help those users in future who plan to move to VPS. Till now I’m enjoying working on WHM and it give you top-level control, especially when you have root access to your server.

Do, let me know if you have another related query via comments. If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it on Stumbleupon and twitter.

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COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. Jeff says


    I have a WHM VPS Optimized3, when i create an account and send mail from it , the mail goes to spam, is any thing i can do to make the mails go to inbox?

  2. Mediastrategi says


    Thanks for this guide. I was stuck in WHM and didnt know how to do this. This guide helped me a lot. Now i have another problem. I cant get the ftp to work propertly, i can create ftp accounts but i cant connect with filezilla. But i can connect through cpanel… very strange.

    // Daniel

  3. world3info says

    Thanks for sharing this info! I just migrated over to VPS with KnownHost from a shared, so this was useful information.

  4. Yousafzay says

    Thanks buddy this is what i was looking for, you made my day easy. Nice tutorial, i am going to follow it right now

  5. Ivan Petrov says

    Thanks Thanks and thanks again! I too got a VPS and was just left sitting with a lovely page full of icons and no clue how to make an account to get to the cPanel I normally see… the documentation thats around was pretty poor, and it was taking me ages going through support for each question.

    You have saved me a lot of time, I could not even find the ‘Create new account’ function before!!!

  6. Kurt Avish says

    I just bought one at – I am however having an error when creating the account saying that the account cannot be created. :-?

    I’m waiting for customer support to reply and yea for a first time on vps I do feel quite like on an alien planet. My current site is no more able to handle on a share, so I’ll be moving as soon as the vps problem is solved.

    Thanks for this post dude. At least I feel less alien in this WHM right now. lol.

  7. RP says

    Well composed article, Harsh. But I would like to make a few points, if I may.
    You should consider changing the title of this post, like one of your readers suggested. The process you illustrated is the process of “creating a cPanel account in WHM”. The process of “installing cPanel” is an entirely seperate task. That task has already been performed by your VPS provider and without installing cPanel/WHM first on the server and without activating cPanel/WHM license, you won’t have access to WHM. For majority of users, you dont necessarily need to know how to install cPanel/WHM on a VPS or dedicated server, because Server owners/Web hosting provider does that before they sell.
    Web Host Manager (WHM) and cPanel are very powerful tool. If you have never used it before, then it could be very daunting and confusing at the begining. There are so many things to learn as a new user. Once you’re familiar with the process and start to understand the concept then you can do some pretty amazing stuff with it with very minimal effort.

    Let me know if you need any help regarding this matter. I will be happy to provide you some pointers. Keep up the good work.

    • says

      Thanks for the pointer RP. I guess you are right about the title here . And it’s true many managed VPS provider provide you with pre installed cpanel like in my case. Ahh.. Realize its a blunder with the title I have done here. Will rectify it now :)

  8. Tinh says

    I have searching such a detailed tutorial on VPS WHM as I am planning to buy one but not sure how to install and manage it. Thanks very much

  9. Minh says

    I think the title should be: “How to creat Cpanel hosting package in WHM Knownhost VPS”.
    Because i think “install Cpanel” is upload, setup, configure,… Cpanel script :)

  10. FAQPAL says

    Would love to hear how you would compare a VPS to regular hosting. A VPS typically doesn’t result in speeding up your website.

    Good post.

  11. Nihar says

    Great tutorial.

    Can you let me know how to add website on the images that we put up on the post. Like you have on the bottom right on each post.

    May be you can come up with a post and also referring me :)

    • Minh says

      It’s so simple, it called Watermark :)
      You can use free software like GoodFrame to add your site to images.

      Use Google to find Goodframe
      Or search keywork: “free watermark software”

      Good luck!