How to Install Buddypress in WordPress MU

Earlier we talked about What is BuddyPress and extending our tutorial, and this post is for those who wants to install buddypress on their wordpress MU. In this post I would try to explain how to install BP plugin and make it ready with a wordpress site.

A quick guide for first timers Buddypress (BP) is a plugin which extends the functionality of WordPress to a social networking platform and is now for WPMU users. Thanks to Andy Peating for this Buddypress plugin. Before, you install Bp, make sure your Webhosting can sustain the load of a Buddy Press blog, else I suggest to pick any of these WordPress optimized hostings.

Guide to Install BuddyPress:

Buddypress set up is quite easy but when you are going to add BuddyPress to your blog, make sure you pick a WordPress theme which matches or are compatible with BP. Else, you can try sites like to find freelancers, who can code BP theme for you. So, lets get started with this tutorial:

STEP 1 :

You can download the latest version of buddypress from here or go to the plugins -> Add new page . If you are new to WordPress, you can refer to my complete WordPress guide or learn How to Install WordPress plugin.

Search Buddypress

Search Buddypress

STEP 2 :

Download the Buddypress Plugin and install it from here.

Click install Now to install the Buddypress Plugin

Insall Buddypress

Insall Buddypress

STEP 4 :

Activate the plugin

STEP 5 :

Once you have activated the plugin, Activate Plugin From Site Admin -> Themes

Site Admin Themes

Step 6 :

Last  step activate the theme under the appearance option

Activate Buddypress Theme

Activate Buddypress Theme

Finally : A New Look to Your WordPress Blog.

Your WordPress MU Blog

Your WordPress MU Blog

Play with the components have fun.

A Quick Step Guide to BP setup :

Step 1 : Download latest Buddypress plugin
Step 2 : Unzip and install it into plugins folder.
Step 3 : Select and activate the Site Admin -> Themes
Step 4 : Activate the BP default theme in Appearance Setting
Step 5 : Visit the Blog.

Do let us know what do you think about Buddypress? Is it going to be a big replacement for niche social media sites?

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  1. says

    Hey Negeri, There are many factors that affects the page loading time. It majorly depends on your speed of internet and the contents in it. In Normal scenario Buddypress doesn’t affect the page loading time at least as what I have experienced it till now.. :-) . Thanks for your comment

  2. Surender Sharma says

    WordPress has not made blogging easy but changed the entire theme of blogging with WordPress,WPMU and Buddypress.
    It’s more powerful platform than others like Blogger or Movable,Typepad etc.
    You have compiled this tutorial very clearly and interesting.Thanks for the guide for newbie users.

  3. dhananjai says

    hi there,
    can you please tell me the tool which is used to mark the clicking sequence in a screenshot, like you have done in the screenshot above.

    • says

      Thanks Kapil, for sharing this nice updated information to us. :-) I was very soon coming to that topic in my next post. I think that many of wordpress users are still unaware of the power of Buddypress. Wats your opinion ?

    • says

      Hi ! Sid, i thanks for the comment. but i would like to twist your sentence a bit i.e. “Buddypress is a nice widget ( plugin ) developed by good community ” :-) Howzz dat ??