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How to Install Active Collab : Project Management Tool

How to Install Active Collab : Project Management Tool

To run a successful project, having a project management tool is an important part. Specially when you have a team to work upon a project, it’s important to have a project management tool which can help your team to sync. I have tried Basecamp in the past and some free online project management tool like Freedcamp. Though nothing is as solid and simple as Active collab. The only downside is it’s a premium tool. But, quality always comes with a price tag. Is int it? The best thing I like about AC is, it’s self hosted so you don’t need to rely on 3rd party hosting and if you are setting up on your local server, you don’t need Internet connection.

Though, I use this project management tool to manage my WordPress services projects and it offers many features like creating projects, creating tasks, assigning tasks, creating invoice, assigning time and many more. I would save some for review post in upcoming days.In this tutorial, I will be helping you on how to Install Active collab on any server with cPanel.

activecollabhome thumb

Before you move ahead with installation of Active collab check the server requirement and in this tutorial, I would be using Hostgator as my server. Though, I have not yet updated my version to 3.0 version, which added many new features. We will talk about their features in some other post.

Step by step guide to Install Active Collab:

Go ahead and download active collab latest and keep your server login information handy. Login to your hosting cPanel and we will start with creating database for our installation.

Create MySQL Database:

Inside your Hosting cPanel create a new MySQL database.

mysqldatabase thumb testuser thumb

Download Activecollab and upload to server

If you have purchased a license of Active Collab. Simple login to your profile page and download active collab files and license. Now upload all the files under active collab for-upload folder to your server. ( Root of the domain where you wish to install active collab).

uploadcontent thumb

Configuring Active Collab Installation:

activecollabsetup thumb

Go to and upload license file, Add admin information, add database details and and accept license agreement to get started with Active collab.

If you have done everything correctly as I mentioned above, you will get a successfully active collab installed screen.

successactivecollab thumb

Now go back to your FTP client and delete folder public/installer and you will be able to access active collab on your installed domain.

So far I’m happy with my investment on Active collab as it helps to manage our projects effectively. Do let us know which project management tool do you use and which one you recommend Base camp or Active collab?

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  • zakaas

    This is not free tool. Was open source once, then went close source.

  • Nihar

    Never heard about this tool.

    Thanks for sharing this. Will check this out.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      It’s a premium project management tool and people who are into freelancing and running small business are using this to manage projects. I’m sure the day you need such tool, you will love to give it a shot.

  • Bilal Ahmad

    Collab is looking very useful one. Is free trail available or we have to buy it in order to use it.

  • Devesh @ Technshare

    Great Tutorial Harsh. Hearing first time about Active Collab. Will going to check it out.

    Thanks for sharing.


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