How to Increase Traffic from Email Subscribers?

Recently, I wrote a post where I told why one should enable email subscription for his blog. One commentator said that he has a large number of subscribers but get very less number of visitors from email subscription so I decided to write a post on how to increase visits from email subscribers. Many people complain about the fact that they are getting less visits from email subscribers. This post, I guess and I do believe would help you to increase visits using your email subscription.

Increase Traffic from Email Subscribers

To make understanding more easier, I will tell you 3 points, of course explained to increase visits from email subscribers.

1. Make headlines more attractive

You may know that when an email is sent(to email subscribers) the headline of the latest post is seen in the subject. So, if the headlines are attractive, the subscribers would definitely see it and hopefully, they may visit your site. Try to add more and more to your headlines to make it attractive. Attractive headlines are not only helpful in getting visits from email subscribers but also in many other aspects of blogging. So, try to make attractive headlines which will lead to subscribers(that skip your posts) to read your post and they may visit your blog as well.

2. Ask questions to end the post

Many email subscribers just read the post from email and don’t want to go to the site for any thing. So, firstly write quality content and then in the end, ask a few questions so that the email subscribers are just too curious to answer the questions. This leads to visits from them and that’s how it should be. Make sure that your article is good enough that the readers stick to read the end. Then you have to ask questions which are normal and like you are actually in a conversation with your readers. This way, the readers would be more motivated to visit your blog and comment with the answers to your questions.

3. Use internal linking

Internal linking is something which helps a lot in getting visits as well as link building. If both of the above tips fail, then this needs to work. You may know that links are not cancelled in the email so use internal linking (or plugins like SEO Smart Link) to increase visits. Link keywords that are relevant to your blog and link your relative posts to them. The email subscriber might, because of the keyword, visit your blog’s post. If many subscribers do that, your visits would definitely get a hefty increase.

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COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. Mani says

    I strongly agree with Nick because now a days peoples are using Social networking sites instead of Email Subscriptions.

  2. Nick says

    This is so hard to inspire people being subscribed to email subscriptions. Because social networks make subscription way much more simpler.

  3. Praveen @ Geeks4share says

    Cool info!
    I am really struggling to get good traffic from my list, this one is helpful. Thanks for sharing :)