How To Get Guest Post Approval At ShoutMeLoud – My Secret Recipe

Guest post approval on Top blogShoutMeLoud has grown strong and strong over the years and Harsh Agarwal the man behind this blog has been constantly creating opportunities for new bloggers to guest post here. Harsh himself has spoken lot of times on how he scans a Guest post in SML for approval or rejection. His words clearly mention that he hates SEO firms who guest post for backlinks. This post serves as a detailed guide on how to write a guest article for ShoutMeLoud and also get it approved fast.

If you are new to guest posting, then read the following articles that might help you gain some idea and benefits of guest posting.

Now if you are already one of those 500 lucky guest bloggers at ShoutMeLoud you might have noticed many pending blog posts at the SML dashboard. If you want your guest post to be accepted fast in spite of all those pending posts, then this article is for you. Firstly go through the list of things given below which Harsh initially considers seeing a Guest Post.

What Harsh Agarwal Hates in a Guest Post for SML:

  • Post title which does not create any interest for readers.
  • Poor quality articles without any worthy information that has the poor grammar with many spelling mistakes.
  • SEO firms who guest blog for link building.
  • Embedding affiliate links for promoting affiliate goods.
  • Posts which are offbeat and are not in relation to any categories found at SML.
  • Posts that are just written for the sake of it, and doesn’t add any value.

These are some of the major issues that might end up your guest post pending in the SML dashboard. If you want to read more details on the above-mentioned points, then you need to read How a Blog Admin Scan and Reject a Guest post.

Why should one write the guest post for ShoutMeLoud?

This question is already well answered by Harsh but let me explain it in simple words in my point of view. So why I guest post in SML is

  1. I get exposure to my blog through a back link that I place at the bottom of the post. So I get traffic to my blog that might also help in increasing my blog’s page rank.
  2. New people who regularly follow SML will start to know me as a new blogger. Now, I am little bit recognized by few of my fellow bloggers.
  3. I can showcase my writing talent or skill that might earn me few clients for guest posting in their blogs. I did get some requests from few people after I wrote some guest posts in SML.

These are the few reasons why I usually guest post at ShoutMeLoud now you search your reasons.

My Story on How I got my First Guest Post approved in a single day at SML:

I am into blogging since 2009 but not with much interest. I used to blog just for fun, and I have been following ShoutMeLoud since 2011 and I used to blog for time pass with a blogger platform. My first guest article submitted here at SML was Benefits of Selecting a Custom Domain for Your Free Blog which was being published by Harsh himself giving me a backlink at the bottom with my name in March 2012. So you have all the proofs that it was my first Guest post in SML.

Later I created my user account and published my first guest blog after a year that is titled Four Fantastic people to check your Entrepreneur Journey on February 25th, 2013. When I submitted the post for review, I got its approval within 24 hours, and it was live in spite of many pending articles. So my story clearly shows that I am a long time regular reader of SML and have mastered some techniques that made my article approved in the first go. So in this post I will clearly explain all the strategies to apply and get your guest post approved despite many pending articles in SML.

Disclaimer: These tips I mention is the article are exclusively meant for SML but not other blogs. All the things I write will definitely help you to get your post approved fast because I had only one article delayed among the five articles I have submitted till date.

New Authors will have advantage:

Harsh always has an eye on new authors, if a new author has submitted a guest post and if he is a genuine blogger who is not from any of those SEO firm then the new author has highest chances of getting their article approved. But this is only for the first time and second time your article might take some time to get approved as you need to deliver a high-quality article following the below-discussed points. In the first instance Harsh himself takes risk of proof reading, internal linking and adding content here and there where ever it is necessary but he won’t do it if you submit the article in the same manner the second time.

Choose a Unique Article:

SML already has hundreds of articles that are almost found in many blogs over the net. If you again come with the same article again and again, it does not add value to regular readers who have to read the same old stuff. So come up with unique articles, your personal experiences, and some genuine case studies that will help you to increase the chances of getting your article approved.

Title your post with some eye-catching Phrases:

You can crack Harsh’s approval rate of getting your guest post approved by using a unique title that looks eye catchy for readers. Brainstorm for idea’s to make your title unique; it always have an advantage of pushing your article get approved among those 50 to 60 already pending articles.

Internal linking your article:

This is what minimizes the efforts of Harsh. If you are a regular reader of SML you might have noticed that most of the keywords in an article are internally linked with some older posts in SML. Internal linking a post with older blog articles does have an SEO advantage so its better you use the search feature and find some older articles relevant to some keywords you use in the article. You can also link some of the older articles as a recommended reading or further reading to get more insight on the topic you have written. If you submit a bare article without any internal linking then Harsh who is a busy guy keeps your post pending even though it contains some value as he has to do all the internal linking himself.

Make your article error free:

One of the most important thing your article demands is an error free article along side with quality. See that your article does not have any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, improper sentence formations etc. WordPress by default underlines words spelled mistake in red and gives spelling suggestions so correct those spelling mistakes. Proof read your article 3 to 4 times to check for grammatical errors and do some edits where you need to omit the sentence or where you need to add some extra information.

Making your Article look good:

Lastly you need to make your article look clean and good. See that you have used a proper and relevant image which is in coordination with the article. See that image is not copyrighted and use credits of the original owner if you use it from image sharing sites like Flickr etc. Next break the articles into small paragraphs and place proper subheadings for your article. See that you have used <p class=”note”>Sub heading</p> to make the side heading look good. If you have screenshots for any tutorial based articles add them at relevant places wherever it is necessary. Also see that you have made a short permalink when you have a longer title by removing unwanted words.

Quick Checklist before you submit your guest article is SML:

  1. Write a new and unique article which is devoid over the net.
  2. Frame a proper title which is eye catchy and unique.
  3. See that your article is free from spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes etc.
  4. Break lengthy text into small paragraphs.
  5. Internal link certain keywords and also mention relevant topics from older SML posts.
  6. Use <p class=”note”> sub heading </p> for all the sub headings.
  7. Use relevant image by giving credits to the original owner. Place screenshots at relevant places if you are writing a tutorial.

So if you have considered all the above points then you have the chances of getting your guest post approved lightning fast in SML, I mean you have lowered the work for Harsh which does help you to get your article shown on the home page of the blog. In short, be Publish ready!

This is a guest post by Vijesh from Mobiada. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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  1. Tejasvi Rana says

    Very well written and concise article I must say. Guest blogging is one of the most important factor for a blogger these days. Well I have started reading SML since last few months and I must say you guys are really good at what you do. Looking forward to my very first guest post at SML!!

  2. says

    Thank you for dropping this tips, am already compiling article to publish an article here on shoutmeloud and i hope to get my article published with this tips :D

  3. Kristall Brown says

    Well, I believe that Guest Posts must be on the niche for which the targeted site writes the most. This is the easiest way to get your guest posts accepted.

    Thanks :)

  4. Lakhyajyoti says

    I am a regular reader of Shoutmeloud but I never submitted a guest post here. Planning to do a guest post on Shoutmeloud. Surely I’ll remember all the points you have mentioned in your post. Thanks for the share.

    • says

      Welcome Lakyajyoti, you can try guest posting here at SML which can help you to reach and engage with more audience. Hope you give your best here…

  5. vikas says

    A great article for a newbie who want to write for Shoutmeloud and learn as many things from this blog. Can You tell me up to how much words the article should be approved on Shoutmeloud?

    • says

      I expect minimum of 700 words and more detailed your post is, better it is. By the end of the day, it’s the quality of article that matters. Pick the right topic which is not covered here, and give your best shot. If your post get accepted than it’s great, else you will end up learning few new things from the feedback. :)