How to Include Cute Symbols for Facebook & Twitter Status Updates

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Facebook status updates and Twitter tweets are one of the most addictive trends at the moment. Lots of people try a lot to make some unique and creative status updates. Using symbols is one of them. You might be aware of the ♥ symbol on Facebook which can be done by typing <3. But that is the only symbol that Facebook supports. Here are some awesome cute symbols which you can use for Facebook or Twitter posts, or anywhere.

These collection of symbols are called Alt Code characters. The below codes not only include the symbols, but also numbers and alphabets.

How to use Alt codes:

  • Make sure that NumLock in switched on.
  • Press Alt key on your keyboard.
  • Type any number from the below table, ONLY using NumPad.
  • Release Alt key.

Example: For “▲” symbol, press Alt+30.

NOTE: This works only with NumPad. If you are using Laptops without NumPad, click here to know how to use NumPad.

Cute Symbols for Facebook

Cute symbols

Do let us know if this little tip helps you. Also don’t forget to share this post and let your friends know about it.

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  1. DJ ARIF says

    At first I was just copy/pasting this kind of symbols to facebook whenever I need symbols, but from now I will try to do it by using this method, thanks for sharing…

    • Fairooz Mohammed says

      Yeah Arif. even i was also doing the same way. Later i came accross this alt codes. :D

  2. Reshab @Free Genuine Softwares says

    I always wonder how people insert those on their status.. Its really great.. Thanks for sharing buddy…

  3. Amit Sharma says

    Excellent tip. I’m sure many would find it useful including me . I am really an illiterate when it comes to using facebook. :)

  4. anwar says

    The NUMLOCK key is available only in laptop models without NumPad , Is any other way to use these sybmols in the laptops without NUMLOCK key ???

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