How to Hide FB Status Updates from Particular Friend on Facebook

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This is just an additional information from the earlier post made by one of the guest who posted “5 Tips for Safely Using Facebook” – great post.

Below is a very simple guide to control who see’s what you’re doing on Facebook such as commenting, liking on photos or status which interest you. This would be very useful and helpful eespecially for those guys out there that are big, famous and also this is one way to protect your life, if you don’t want your boss to know what you were doing on Facebook.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to Facebook Privacy Settings.

2. In your privacy settings page, click on View Settings.

3. Next, at the lower part you’ll see “See your likes, activities and other connections” – click the drop down arrow button to change settings. Here you will be able to change who can see, likes and knows your activities.

4. If you want to customize your settings more to select specific people who cannot see your activities, just click on Custom then select those person(s) you do not like them to see.

5. Save Setting and you’re done!

Though this will become default settings for all your Status updates. Just in case if your wish to make changes while publishing another Facebook status update,  You can select customize and select friends, whom you don’t want to see your status update.

Hope this help. Please don’t forget to share because sharing is caring. :)

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Do let us know if you know this tip and using it. Also don’t forget to share this post on Facebook to let people know how they can claim their privacy from existing friends on their list.

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  1. Baby BrownFox says

    First of, I’d like to express my gratitude to shoutmeloud stuffs for helping me.
    It’s been nice writing a few articles in here.

    @Ivan, definitely a good tip to try on.

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