How to Hide Articles from Home Page in WordPress Blogs

There are many posts which you want to show to only your feed readers and not to everyone. Specially when you are conducting any big contest and you bribing users to subscribe to your feeds for winner announcement, you might like to filter few posts to be appeared in your blog but to appear for your feed readers.

None the less, you can use it to offer as an extra incentive for your feed subscribers and occasionally push content just for feed readers, since post will as it is indexed by Google, you don’t need to be worried about search engine traffic. Here I’m sharing one useful WordPress plugin, which will hide blog post from appearing on your blog but will appear in feed like a normal blog post.

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In this post I will  be sharing, how can you achieve this by one simple plugin. Though it’s up to you how you wish to use this plugin for? One another way  you can use this plugin is, if you have a niche blog and you want to cover any topic which is not relevant to your niche, probably this plugin can be life saver in that case.

WP Hide post is the plugin which I want to share with you. You will get all the features mentioned above which will help you control the visibility of the post. Which means you can include or exclude post from Home page, category page, tag, author and archive pages also. Your sitemap will still have full access to the post and the permanent link works perfectly fine too. So, there is nothing you need to worry about.

Install WP Hide Post Plugin from Official WP Website

How to use it?

Simple, once the plugin is installed, you will notice “Post Visibility” at the bottom right corner of your WordPress dashboard. The following snap shows how it looks.

Check the options you want to enable on the article and publish it. The plugin takes care of rest of the process.

It’s easy plug and play WordPress plugin,  you will not face any  technical issue. Do let us know your thoughts about this plugin?

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. vinod arya says

    Hello harsh, Can we hide the articles from homepage without using plugins?
    Is there any code which can work?

  2. Kennes says

    Oh thanks a lot. I’m looking for hiding post plugin and this post save my time in today. Thanks again !

  3. jignesh says

    Really i m new to wordpress blog…

    The ideas which u shared on this website are really awesome …

    u had shown how to hide article from home page is really good and informative.

    It will really help me..

    thanks .. keep writing…

  4. says

    Thanks for the nice tip. I might want to hide my day to day journaling post from my front page since I am mostly just documenting my experiences with building a successful blog, but it is not my main focus.

    Mixing my journaling post in with my regular articles have been confusing for some of my readers, so it might be useful to hide my journal post from front page.


  5. Sandeep says

    This is the easy way to hide, but we can do this by using a category method…by placing a simple code in the index file..

  6. Tushar says

    this is completely new for me….and i do not understand why anyone would like to hid their articles….

  7. provamsi says

    Yes!! You can’t hide announcements from your subscribers. You can just blog the visibility of the post with general audience.