How To Get Website Stats Free using Histats

‘How to get full website stats’ this question is the most asked question by bloggers. Yes seriously this was also my first question to me on the first week of starting of my blog. How  day went many of  my blogger friends also starts asking me same question. I have no answer of that question that time. But I decided to find a tool that work better than anyone.

Firstly I tried Google Analytics Tool. That was amazing and incredible. But it was not that for which I was searching from a long time. I still maintain my searching. At last I got Histats tool. I found this tool better than Google Analytics. This tool can do everything that Google Analytics can do. Even it can also give me description of  my website online visitors, their exact location and which browser visitors are using and many more.

How To Set up Histats :-

We don’t have to buy this tool guys. This is absolutely free tool. We just have to fill a from online to work with it. Here I am sharing steps for applying for Histats. follow these steps strictly:-

To track your website through this tool, you have to go to the . After entering this address you will find homepage of this website. You will find an option ‘Register Your Website’ on middle of right side of the website. Here is the screenshot of that page.


Now you have to enter your website name under this box. Like you can enter ( under the box. After entering your domain name, you will find a sign up box on the screen. You have to fill all the necessary details under the proper column box. This is the screenshot of the box.

Creating An account Histats

You have to fill your Email address, your name, your surname and your password inside these boxes. After it you have to click on Agreement Terms of Histats and have to enter CAPTCHA shows in pictures in bottom right side. After filling all these details, you have to click on register button. After that a new message came in your screen. Here is the screenshot of that message.

You will receive Histats Account Activation Email in your mail inbox after getting this message. There will be a link inside that email. You have to follow that link to activate your Histats account. After activating, login to your Histats account and you will be seeing a new screen in which you have to click on the ‘Add A Website’ button. Here is the screenshot of that.

Adding a Website

After clicking on the button you will receive another sign up box. You have to fill your website details, your website type and category and have to insert capatcha code. After filling this you just have to click on ‘Continue’ button on the bottom. Here is the screenshot of that.

After clicking on ‘Continue’ button you will find a new page. You will find your website link on that page. Click on the link to go to your Control panel. Here is the screenshot of that page.

Control panel Histats

After clicking on ‘Counter Code’. You will receive a new page where you will found ‘Add a Counter’. Click on that button after making that you will receive a ‘Counter Code’. Just copy that code.

Simplest way to put Histats counter code:-

If you are a WordPress user so you can copy this code in Text Widget in any of the sidebar. You just have to drag a text widget in sidebar and after that you have to paste this code and save. And here are some of the Benefits of using histats:-

  • The first profit is that it is free of cost and easy to use.
  • It is fully password protected.
  • It shows real-time data flow.
  • It has a Very large and powerful log analyzer for deep data inspection.
  • It shows the complete detailed reports.
  • We can compare the present data and past data easily.
  • We can control multiple website at a same time.

Well there are many more free options for us like Sitemeter, stats and many other such Website statistics program that you can use and here I’m adding one more to your traffic analytic arsenal. Do let us know which site analytic program are you using on your blog or Website?


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The Author Of This Post Is A Computer Science And Engineering Student Of RIT Roorkee And Is Curently In 2nd Year.


COMMENTs ( 4 )

  1. Shubham says

    After the complete analysis I would like to recommend Google analytics. It’s a good tools offered by Google.

  2. Raheel Mushtaq says

    is this tool any better i mean i am currently using Google Analytics and its working really well for me as it gives quite good results ..!!!

    • Priyank Pandey says

      Bro, as I discussed in this article. This tool is having everything that analytics had. Even this tool show us real time data flow. Means that you can easily see your online visitors their geo location, which browser they are using and many more. Try once, If have any problem then ask me.

  3. Krishna Verma says

    How accurate is this tool ? I have used similar tools in the past but was not much satisfied with the performance. I have also seen that adsense and different other providers have different approaches for calculating the page views.