How to Get Targeted Traffic Without Google

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How to Get Targeted Traffic Without Google

We all knew how importance is getting traffic to a blog or a business page. Most of us also knew how much it`s important to get targeted traffic to the blog than the untargeted one. Without targeted traffic, you can`t make a single dime out of your blog. Major traffic for many blogs comes from search engines, of course from Google. But from last 12 months we`ve seen a drastic change in Google`s nature which forced all the blog owners to bind them to Google`s rules. Anyway I don`t have hard feelings with Google. I agree they`re striving hard to give relevant and quality content to users.

If you think that without Google you can’t survive your online business then you’re wrong. I too started thinking how can I start a business without relying on Google. This paved me to write this post. Here I’m sharing few traffic generation tips for Websites or blogs without being dependent on SEO or Search engines.

How to get Traffic without Search Engine Optimization?

get Traffic without GoogleThere are many option for a blog or website to drive traffic. You can buy paid traffic, you can use forums to promote your blog, and many more ways. Here I will share some of the working tips, which will make your blog traffic independent of search engines. One point that you should always remember “Content is king”, and if you want to retain those one-time visitors, you need to have outstanding content. A good idea is to offer premium content for free.

Content Marketing

Content marketing works for search engines and users. Here we`re going to concentrate more on users.

So how to use content marketing to get targeted traffic to your blog?

Blog Commenting

No, blog commenting is not dead. You`re not commenting for a link, but to grow your network with people in your niche. And, needless to say, don`t spam in comments, try to add some worthy points. You can read blog commenting guide for SEO, to make most out of it.

Offline marketing

If you want to get more exposure, then take your business to offline world. When offline business entering online world to grow their business, why not online businesses go into real world. No need to invest millions to do this, you must target those people you`re in search of your service. Easiest way that strikes my mind now is, attend seminars, and trying to meet with like-minded people. Plan for giveaways as you plan on your blog.

Social Media

Active participation on social media sites can take your content viral. More the shares you get more people are knowing about your blog. Which can increase your blog reader base. All you need is Social media presence on prominent social sites, and a proper strategy to make most out of it. If you unsure how to utilize social media, you can read our earlier guide on how to get website traffic from Facebook fan pages.

My Favorite way to referred by influence bloggers

I got his idea yesterday. With this way, you will get more referral traffic which mean more exposure to your blog.

Here you need to impress topmost bloggers in your niche. For that start commenting on their blog regularly, and remember to give worthy points. Tweet their post, this way they will know you more. Connect with them on social networking sites. Guest post on their blogs regularly.

And then mail them asking them that you want to favor them by featuring their blog on your`s for free. You can add a link to their main post or write a post on their blog. This way you not only get noticed by top bloggers but attract their followers.

Most Important tip to get traffic without SEO

What will you do with the traffic you get through above suggested ways? Nothing? Then you`re wasting your time and money. Capture their email address when they visit your blog. I`d recommend Aweber, recently I too got it and I must say it`s very easy to use and manage your list. You can read our earlier guide on how to create mailing list using Aweber, and use any of these email marketing WordPress plugin to supercharge your list.

There are endless more ways, but the best tip is to start with any one tip that I shared. Don’t let your blog survive on search engine traffic, because search engine bots are insensitive to blogger’s emotions ;). Do let me know, what other methods you are using to get traffic without Google search?

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    1. says

      I’m always confused whether I should write guest post or write that particular post for my self ?

      which one is better to increase our blog’s post or writing guest post ?

    2. Carl says

      Having been less than happy with the big G,s changes recently one project I started this year is a site purposely deindexed from any search traffic. Giving myself till Christmas day 2014 I’m going to see how much converting traffic its possible to drive to it.

      No keywords, no min word count, affiliate links where I want them and above all no SEO to worry about is a welcome relief from constantly worrying if Google decides it doesn’t like the last post added or an algo update deems any one of my websites unworthy.

      Looking back at the horror stories with business losing everything over night does make me think that making a living from search is an endangered practice and if I can do better by myself that’s the way all my online marketing will be going from now on.

      Great information in your post BTW, just the sort of thing I need.

    3. Shahriar Sykat says

      Thanks brother. My google rank was dropped suddenly and now i am trying to follow this trick. Connect to other blogger is a mind blowing way.

    4. Alok Krishali says

      sir, I am totaly impressed while take a look of your blog. Its so nice and wel mentained,clean as wel. Sir i want to ask you a quetion which getting disturb me for few days..The problem is that i have delete some post from my blog. But at that time i have not so enought knowledge about google search technics. Google index the link of that post which i have delete. So i thing this give bad impression to visitor. Do you have any idea to overcome this situation. Please tel me tha way for that once i would remove my site from google index. And then after thatr reindex only those content that are really present..! please tel me the solution regarding to this situation if you have some idea. Please help me..!

      • says

        You can manually put request to remove those links from Google search index. You can use this link:
        What Google product does your request relate to? > Web Search
        Select : A piece of content I am concerned about has already been removed by the webmaster but still appears among the search results
        And then submit the links… It will be removed form Web index within 48 hours. Also, install broken link checker plugin on your blog, and fix any broken link which created using 404 pages.

      • says

        @Blog commenting is useful to create connection too, and if social media marketing is done right, one can drive immense traffic. Glad you find this article useful Vishesh. :)

    5. RichRed says

      Great article! Yes, I’ve noticed there has been a huge change in blogs coming up on search engines lately and I couldn’t figure out what to do. From what I used to know, backlinks and commenting on other blogs help in SEO. Even tried the metatag trick once, but I read it doesn’t work anymore. Thanks for the help! Looking forward to your articles…

    6. says

      I think blog commenting is truly a great way to get referral traffic. ShoutMeLoud sends about 4-5 visitors to my blog daily.

      I have commented only around 15 times here. If 15 comment is sending you 5 visitors then 1000 comments == 200-300 visitors daily.

    7. Fabrizio says

      Top list though I would have probably put list building at the top of the list, giving away a resourceful eBook and adding links to content on your blog in the eBook itself is another great way to get traffic without SEO, it’s been working a treat for me. Facebook and Twitter has also been a huge traffic generator too.

    8. says

      Glad to see the traffic generation formula,the impressive part and may be a new one is infographic and slideshare (i must try). The thing that i practically learned is blog commenting.(i’ve increased my traffic by 180% just in one month by blog commenting)
      Thanks for your Guideline

    9. Sarvesh says

      Gr8 seo article and that without Google which can have numerous no. of ways to get targeted traffic to your blog.
      Thx for sharing.

    10. says

      Guest Posting still sounds to be the best way around. Making a guest post on a popular blog will surely expose you to a wide variety of readers some of which will eventually turn up to bookmark or subscribe to your blog too.
      Making the top bloggers your friend is also a great way around. Nice mention there :)

    11. Kevin Rime says

      You make some great points here. One of the main keys to having a healthy online business is from getting traffic through multiple streams. People who rely just on Google are asking for trouble.

      I also like how you mentioned offline marketing. This is one of the most overlooked areas to get traffic for an online business. I use both online and offline marketing for my online business and it works great.

    12. Gautam Doddamani says

      good article khajamoin guest posting and commenting are certainly very powerful techniques to gain followers..interacting with some top bloggers also brings a good reader base as u said! :)

    13. Sapna says

      Hi Khaja

      Great tips shared!

      I would prefer commenting and guest posting as the best tips for building network and further leverage it to build relationships.

      Thanks for sharing this.


    14. stargaterich says

      Thanks for the sharing , I have one question in regards to article marketing to drive traffic to a website. Is it still effective (for instance posting articles on all the major article directories) and is it worth the time to do so?

    15. Priya says

      It is possible to get traffic without Google but general phenomena is different. It is not that easy as said. Ofcourse content is always the king. But its not that easier to get unique content. There are only few people who are producing very unique content.. like amit of labnol. Otherwise one need to be an inventor and I feel we are all discoverers (bringing into limelight what already been created by one or two people outstandingly).

    16. says

      That’s well written Khajamoin.
      This should help bloggers think outside the box of SEO for a while.
      But still, you should always keep your doors open for Organic Traffic.

    17. says

      Hi Khajamoin,

      Thanks alot for sharing the information.Guest posting and commenting with making relation with other bloggers with same niche is very important and one should do on regular basis.
      Social media also plays a great role in promoting the blog.

      Thank You
      Shorya Bist
      From Youthofest

    18. says

      Nice article. Well as you said Infographics have been gaining more potential now a day and attracting more people towards it.

      If we can do better informative and attractive infographics, then we will drive the most traffic from it.

      Also I would like you too add one article on how to create infographics easily by a lay man

      Thanks for Sharing :)

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