How To Get SMS Alerts for Emails

You might be waiting for someone’s mail which is really important to you and unfortunately you are not able to access the Internet. I do agree that GPRS has become very common to everyone and even phones supporting 3G network have come up which let you access the Internet whenever you want to. But checking your mails again and again would be inconvenient for some of us. How about getting an SMS alert for all of your mails instantaneously? Sounds good I guess. Here goes the solution

Way2SMS provides you with a facility to send free SMS all over India and it also provides you with an email id once you sign up for it. You can forward all your emails to the email id provided to you by them and get SMS alerts instantly. Follow these steps:

Sign Up

Go to Way2SMS and sign up for an account. After signing up login to your account with your mobile number to which you would like to get SMS alerts and your password.



Activating Mail Alerts

After you login, click on “Mail Alerts” at the top right corner.

Next, click on “Click Here to Activate” and select your mail service. Way2SMS also explains how to forward your mails from Gmail or Yahoo Mail.

After selecting your mail service, forward your mail to the email id provided by Way2SMS. The id provided by Way2SMS would be [email protected]

Click on “Continue” and choose your preferred Time Settings for receiving Mail Alerts.

Finally, Click on “Activate”. Now your Mail Alerts are activated and you would get SMS alerts for all the mails you receive.
You can forward any number of mails for which you wish to receive SMS alerts to your Way2SMS email id. All this is absolutely FREE of cost and trust me, the Alerts are sent to your mobile instantly (personally experienced). So you don’t need to worry about time delays.

This proves really helpful if you want to be kept updated with your Facebook Notifications. I do agree that Facebook provides SMS Notifications but according to my experience, the notifications are delivered late to your Mobile and sometimes, they are delivered only when I am fast asleep late at night. This is just a Facebook issue.

This tip is very handy especially when you are travelling and you get an important Email. You can take instant action when ever you get an important Email. Do let us know what do yo think about this handy tip and is it going to help you with better productivity or not?

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COMMENTs ( 29 )

  1. Dhaval Desai says

    I already forwading my alert gmail messages on my cell phone number through from past 2-3 months i didn’t get any messages from…
    can you plz tell me how can i activate in new


  2. Santosh says

    What a pity to say but Way2Sms no more supporting Email Alerts for any mobile number.
    They removed this option from their website. I was getting email alerts regularly on my number but it seems this service is not working anymore. They stopped sending alerts from website. I checked through several options and forums but bad luck. So leave it now guys. Way2sms closed email alerts for everyone. Accept it and find other way.

  3. vikram says

    i tried with it was working fine for me in initial days but later they disabled my account as i was receiving too many spam mails and now its paid service. but it was very fast. do anybody know any free site aprt from way2sms ?

  4. suresh says

    I am not able to get email alerts, can any one please let me know if this feature is still working or discontinued. I followed the above procedure couple of times with no luck.

  5. Vighnesh says

    I am using this feature to check my company mails,but what’s happening is like I won’t get details of the user who sent the mail,it always comes in my name only. How can I configure in outlook to receive the user details who actually sent the message instead of all notification coming as you have a forwarded mail from my name itself?

    • Lalit says

      Can you be a little clear Vighnesh? Are you talking about the notification which you get via SMS?

  6. jubin says

    The Way2sms mail alert worked for the way2sms email id but that feature has be discontinued. Anyone know any other way to get email alerts on mobile. Hotmail option is also there but I can’t get it on my MotoROKR E6.

  7. Anubhab says

    I never tried the service from way 2 sms. But I had used another client but they used to give only the headers of the mails. Is it the same with w2s?

    • Lalit Indoria says

      Yes Anubhab. You get only the Subject and the sender’s email id in the SMS. Moreover it is not convenient to get the body of the mail into a text message :)

    • Lalit Indoria says

      You are right Rahul.. I personally like way2sms a lot. the only thing which I don’t like in them is that they advertise a lot which wouldn’t attract people :P

  8. Abhishek@Techdistinct says

    I was not knowing that way2sms supports this type of service.
    Thankyou .Lalit for sharing!!

  9. Akhilesh says

    I was using this feature but something went wrong and way2sms stopped sending sms’s……will follow your guidelines given here……thanks for sharing…..

  10. Sathish @ TechieMania says

    Hi Lalit, I have never heard that Way2Sms got a feature like this. I have used to send tons of SMS to my friends, but this feature is very new to me. Gonna try that for sure. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lalit Indoria says

      happy to know that you liked it Satish.. :) Even I wasn’t aware of it.. My curiosity made me notice the “mail alerts” on the top..!!

      • Sajitha says

        I have used Google SMS channel for getting email alerts. Now all is changed by Mobile apps and cheap Gprs plans.

        • Lalit says

          Yes, Google SMS channels is an option but you receive the messages too late.. I still think Way2SMS is good :) Try out

    • Kamal Hasa says

      I’d rather use GPRS and access my mail from my phone. Useful if you are really desperate to know who sent you mail.

      Thanks for the share..

      • Lalit Indoria says

        GPRS is an option Kamal but accessing GPRS within short intervals is not convenient if you receive plenty of mails… Welcome :)

      • ganesh says

        Hi Lalit,
        I need to get mail alerts from my corporate outlook account to my mobile through,
        Can you help me ,how to go with that..


        • Niranjan Yadav says

          I guess you should try Weekwill. allows you to receive email notifications on your mobile phone via SMS. No matter at what time you receive email in your inbox, our service is enabled to send out sms alerts on your mobile number as soon as you receive any email in your inbox. And most importantly – it is safe and secure :)