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How-to Get Rid of the Facebook Ticker

How-to Get Rid of the Facebook Ticker

Facebook has been literally high on features, so many new ones have already been rolled out and many others will be made known at the f8 developer conference happening later today. If you want to watch the f8 developer conference 2011 live you can do so by checking out our post.

They recently unveiled the new Facebook News Feed along with many other new features such as the Subscribe Button, Ticker and Twitter Auto Updates. However, one important feedback that all users gave was that many of them did not really like the new News Feed and the Ticker features. The Ticker basically displays the latest and almost every update from all your friends right above the chat box and in real-time.

Ticker Facebook

Some find it annoying and kind of stalk-ish. Of course you can adjust the settings and privacy controls, but all that has become just too complicated. Facebook has been trying and succeeded in copying many features from Google +, we are all aware of that, but the only difference is that people actually will use all these settings on a social network that is already settled.

Anyways, since many of you and many others did not like the new Ticker feature, here’s a little tutorial on how to get rid of it using a certain Google Chrome extension. I’m obviously imagining and hoping that you’re using Google Chrome, but if you’re not, then you should to check Facebook at least. The extension itself is called Facebook News Ticker Remover.

Download the Chrome extension Facebook News Ticker Remover from the chrome web store. It’s free of course.

Facebook news ticker remover 550x263

Click on Add to Chrome and the extension will be installed.

Now go refresh your Facebook homepage and you should not see the annoying Ticker anymore!! Claps every one.

Ticker Gone 550x303

If you’re not using Chrome, then hold on tight, as the Firefox version is in the pipeline.

Do you like the New Ticker on your Facebook Home? 

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  • nancy

    not only do i not care what my friends are doing on a minute-to-minute basis, I don’t want MY activities to show up for friends in real time or otherwise.

  • sumanth

    Good one..but if i remove ticker then i wont get notified with activities by my friends..It is better to shift to old version of fb than removing ticker..

  • kunal

    hey… seriously FB is increasing the features at rate of knots..!!