How To Get More YouTube Fans With YouTube Fan Finder

Youtube (YT) is one of the best place to market anything with the help of videos. This free video platform is not only one of the popular and most viewed video service, but with Youtube videos you can easily rank for high competitive keywords. More over, a big production house spend thousands of dollars on creating videos, but an individual like you and me can simply use our camera or software like Camtasia to create a good videos for our blog or anything we want to do.

When you are starting with YT one of the biggest challenge is getting new fans. Youtube offers Youtube subscribe button which you can embed on your blog to get more Youtube fans, but how about using Youtube advertising. Obviously a person who has no budget on Video advertising will try services like Fiverr to get youtube fans, which is not recommended at all.

To solve this problem, Youtube has come up with a new initiative call YouTube fan finder which will help any independent Youtuber to get more fans for his channel.

How Youtube Fan finder works?

Few months back YT added a new feature call community, which will let you find your top engaging Youtube subscribers. You can access this page over here, and here is a screenshot from my Youtube page:

Youtube top fans

Now to take this next level, YT is offering free advertising for YT to get more fans for their channel, and this initiative is termed as Youtube Fan finder. According to Youtube official announcement, here is how fan finder works:

You will create a YouTube video introducing your channel to new fans, and you submit this video via Fan finder page. YT will show your video as Trueview video ads to targeted users based on Youtube own algorithm. Youtube will use users past interactions and interest to show your video and all this is completely free.  You can add multiple videos under this program, and YT will show these videos to targeted audience.

Youtube Fan finder

Youtube also suggested some guidelines to ensure that you make most out of this initiative, and here are things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure your video intro is interesting, as users can skip the video ad after 5 seconds.
  • Take care of branding and have a proper call to action button or image to ask viewers to subscribe to your channel.
  • A good video is one, which not only tell, but show what your Youtube channel is all about.

Here are two videos that I’m currently promoting using Youtube fan finder program and first video is created with the help of MakeWebvideo which costs around $99 and second one was created using Fiverr which costed me around $10.

This is one great free initiative by Youtube for every Youtube video producers, and if you happen to have a YouTube channel, I highly recommend you to take advantage of this before it goes away. If you don’t have one such video for your channel, you can head over to Fiverr and get an intro Youtube video for as low as $5. Meanwhile you can join me on Youtube @denharsh.

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    Another new coll feature from YouTube, loved it. Thanks Harsh for letting us know. Also I liked the new interface of comments i.e. Google+ comments.

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    Yea 100% agree with you that its a proved & awesome technique To Get More YouTube Fans. It helps to new SMM marketer .