How to Get Free Premium Offer When you renew iPage Hosting Account?

Every hosting provider offers you innumerable offers and discounts to attract new visitors. Most of the Hosting providers have discount coupons which can range upto even 80% OFF. So it is always advisable to search for best coupons before signing up for your hosting.

Now what about renewing your Webhosting?

I found an interesting trick while i was surfing my iPage control panel. Normally when you upgrade or renew your webhosting you will be presented with the standard rates which will be lot higher than the promotional rates. Initially i registered for $2.95 Pm using heavy discount coupon. Now if you are planning to renew your hosting do the following to avail special services and backup features, privacy features for free.

Visit your iPage control panel billing link.

Here is the screen shot.

Now simply select ” Downgrade to Domain Parking Account”

The ipage host will ask you the reason for the downgrade and you simply select “Prices” as the concern from the options on the screen. The following screen will unlock all the premium features of the ipage hosting.

Here are the offers on the screenshot

Simply Activate Special Offer and you enjoy all the premium features of iPage that otherwise would cost you hundreds of dollars.

To buy iPage hosting at promotional rates you may click here

As it is obvious that no hosting provider would like to lose customers, therefore even other hosts might as well be using such hidden tricks.  Do share your views.

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COMMENTs ( 12 )

  1. says

    I agree with Jeff here. I am happy with iPage however my renewal is coming up soon and these guys have declined to provide similar pricing to their promotional offers.

    Btw, I also tried the method mentioned in this post and the benefit it gave was worth just $19 which also was a useless product.

    Best way would be to look at adding another account at the promotional price and moving your website over to the other account.

  2. Jeff says

    When IPage had trouble renewing my credit card, they called me up to get a new one. I asked them what the renewl premiums were and almost choked on the normal pricing. So, I nicely declined. Then they called me twice after this with different deals that were not close to the promotional pricing. So, I did put my domain in parking, but those prices that you thought were so great are a lot of crap! Most of this stuff comes with your service anyway and those things that don’t are not really necessary anyway. In short, if you paid $307 for this 1 year package, your paying $25.58 a month for a lot of stuff that is irrelevant to basic web hosting.

    This is simply what you do if you want the promotional rate again. Either let your account expire and sign up again or sign up under a different name. If you like the service, which I am assuming you do if you want to sign up, then select the 3 year plan for $126. Its as simple as that.

  3. Richard says

    I’m already using ipage as well and like their service. Didn’t know about this trick, but I’ll definitely try it out.

  4. Mani Viswanathan says

    Impressed with iPage hosting now. All the premium Services for free is just awesome on their part.

  5. Kunal @ TechHogger says

    This is what you call giving a shock!!
    First you scare your host by downgrading ( a kind of warning) and than compel them to provide offers to keep you going on their host.

    Nice way Amit!!
    Good share.

    • amit.guwahati says

      There was one more catch i found. When you are on the payment page about to feed your CC details , if you try to close the tab you will have a script warning suggesting something like “Wait , we have great offer for you” and you end up getting their highest value coupon. By the way glad you liked the post Kunal.

  6. Chetan Bhasin says

    iPage and JustHost, both give you almost all the same things. But when you sign up with JustHost they give you 3yrs promotion in the beginning which is 3 times more than iPage.

    So, what do you think about JustHost except for iPage. I was talking to an iPage salesperson and she told me that iPage and JustHost are the same companies with different name.

    • amit.guwahati says

      Both Ipage and JustHost has similar features, without options for VPS and dedicated hosting. I was in dilemma as to choose between ipage and just host, i randomly picked ipage an found the service to be quite satisfactory with good support and 99% + uptime uptill now.

      I believe JustHost will also be just as good. Ipage one demerit is they outsource Customer support and and moderate issue will be escalated which takes lot of time to get resolved.

  7. Bilal Ahmad says

    I am on hostgator and they provide a lot of features. iPage is new to me. I am glade they offer premium offers for free. That’s cool.